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All strapped up!

Posted by Caroline on October 15, 2007

Recent events have led me to wonder whether there is such a thing as a seatbelt or strap that an inquisitive toddler can’t undo of their own accord. If there is, I’d be interested to see it, and particularly discover whether Emily – who has recently turned into something of a mini-Houdini – could actually wriggle out of it.

I realised just how good she was with straps when I took her out for a Mummy-daughter lunch at a nice North London cafe last week. Instead of the usual high chair, she was given a booster seat at the cafe, and appeared to be very excited by this – and indeed, was happy to sit there for a while throwing packets of sugar around and eating more of my lunch than I did.

Until, that is, I was foolish enough to turn my back on her for two and a half seconds, in which time she had somehow managed to undo the strap on the seat and begin clambering on the table to see what else she could find. Quite how she managed it I have no idea, since even I found it rather baffling for a while – but naturally I was having none of this and immediately returned a protesting Emily to her seat, and strapped her back in. Two minutes later she had slid so far down in the seat as to resemble a mini version of Youtube’s ‘Fat Kid On Rollercoaster’ video. And got stuck. And shrieked.

Perhaps my daughter is practising for a future career as a stuntwoman?

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Feed Me!

Posted by Caroline on September 16, 2007

Over the past couple of months, Emily has gotten the hang of finger food, and is now something of an expert at scarfing down cereal, breadsticks and anything else which will comfortably fit into small hands.

Recently she’s extended this talent to feeding herself off a spoon, which inevitably means that yoghurt, fruit and other food guaranteed to leave a nice pattern on the carpet is flung about without due care and attention, but the look of pride on her face when she successfully swallows a spoonful of food is worth all the mess.

Her favourite thing, however, appears to be not to feed herself but to feed other people. I’ve lost count of the number of times she has held out a Cheerio or a bit of toast in recent weeks and refused to budge until I have opened her mouth to put it in. However much I try and persuade her it is her food, she’s having none of it.

And any food will do – even cereal which has been dropped on the floor, kicked in to the corner and covered in fluff (which she mysteriously finds delicious). This morning I found myself picking a batch of discarded Cheerios off the carpet before she could eat them, only for her to pick them up and start feeding me with them (hmmmmm…….)

Perhaps my favourite moment though was the one last week when I was lying on the sofa watching TV, and she strolled over and began feeding me small pieces of toast. Now that is the kind of life I believe I could get used to.

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Up For The Cup

Posted by Caroline on March 21, 2007

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering how best to approach giving Emily her drinks out of a cup instead of a bottle. Obviously we have no intention of ditching the bottle just yet – after all, she’s become so very good at picking it up and putting it in her mouth, even if she hasn’t quite mastered the art of getting actual liquid out of it – but she’s reaching that age now where alternative drinking receptacles can be introduced.

Previous efforts to give her drinks in a cup ended in failure when she either threw them on the floor or just looked alarmed when it was put anywhere near her mouth, so I was stumped as to how to overcome this. Until, that is, we went to a restaurant for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Normally Emily sits in her pushchair or car seat when we eat out, but on this occasion, she sat at the table in a high chair. While we were waiting for our food, her grandmother attempted to give her some water from her own glass – and to my amazement, she knew exactly how to drink out of it!

When the glass approached her she leaned forward, mouth wide open, and took a good swig of liquid, then sat back looking very pleased with herself.

Quite how she worked that one out I have no idea, but nonetheless I tried a similar approach with a cup after she’d finished her dinner later that evening. And once again she knew exactly how to drink out of it. What’s more, when I popped the lid back on and showed her how to drink from the spout, it was only a matter of seconds before she had grabbed the cup off me and was drinking out of it without my help.

Of course, if I’d known it was going to be this easy, I’d have introduced it far earlier.

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Gender Bender

Posted by Caroline on October 25, 2006

Do I look like a little boy to you?For the most part, it’s pretty obvious that Emily is a baby girl – the majority of her clothes, for example, are pink (as are most of the baby girls’ clothes in the shops, it seems), she often wears skirts and dresses, and jeans embroidered with flowers and butterflies, and when she’s out in the pushchair is frequently covered with a pink blanket. 

The other day, however, I dressed Emily in an outfit that wasn’t pink but was still very pretty – a turquoise top and trousers, decorated with white polka dots, white lace trim and a dash of pink ribbon. Teamed with her butterfly print coat, matching flowery socks and a pink hat, she looked fantastic – and very much a baby girl.

So I was rather taken aback when, while having lunch in a café, a woman walked up to our table, looked at our daughter snoozing in her car seat, and said, “He looks very cosy, doesn’t he?”

Admittedly, she wasn’t wearing her pink hat at the time and was covered in a beige blanket, but it still surprised me that in that frilly little outfit – which was visible beneath her covers – anyone could possibly think she was a boy.

Although I have no sons myself, several friends and relatives have little boys and I’ve grown used to shopping for them – and I can honestly say that in all the time I’ve been buying them gifts I’ve never bought any of them a frilly turquoise two-piece. And if I did, it certainly wouldn’t have a pink ribbon trim.

I pointed out Emily’s hat and the woman realised her mistake. Interesting though, how we’re so used to seeing little boys in blue and little girls in pink that the slightest glimpse of blue clothing (irrespective of other details) can lead to such confusion. Maybe next time we go out I’ll dress Emily in something bright orange, just to keep everybody else guessing.

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