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I Hear Thunder….

Posted by Caroline on July 23, 2009

While putting Emily to bed last week there was a storm outside, and after one particular noisy clap of thunder the following exchange took place:

Me: Don’t be scared, it’s only thunder.

Emily: No Mummy, that wasn’t thunder, that’s my tummy rumbling……

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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes….

Posted by Caroline on July 13, 2009

…..over the coming weeks and months I shall be presenting some of Emily’s conversational gems on this blog. Beginning with….

E (while flicking through one of her animal books) “I went to this zoo when I was a baby…..

Me: “Oh really?”

E: “Yes, a tiger bit me on the bottom and I cried……”

It’s kind of hard to know what kind of answer to give to this really…….

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