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A Toothy Issue

Posted by Caroline on December 9, 2008

Today Emily accompanied me to the dentist for a check-up (something we have been attempting to do now that she has all – or at least nearly all – of her teeth). Our last attempt to do this back in June was met with mouth clamped shut and several shift, suspicious looks, but given the young lady has grown up a great deal since then we thought we’d try our luck once again.

Inititally she told us she didn’t need to go to the dentist (as if we were going to believe that) but managed to persuade her it would be a fun thing to do as she would get a sticker. And so, having comandeered all the books in the waiting room, she trotted happily into the dentist’s room, holding her hand all the way.

And once in there, she did indeed open her mouth – for about half a second, giving absolutely no opportunity for anybody to look at her teeth, then closed it again. And immediately asked, “Can I have a sticker?”

Well, at least she is getting the hang of it…..

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