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A Turn Of Phrase

Posted by Caroline on September 9, 2008

Quite aside from her ability to charm the socks off everybody she encounters, Emily has also developed rather a way with words in recent months. Not only does this make life a lot easier in ‘terrible two’ terms – the fact she can tell us what she wants most of the time means toddler tantrums are kept to a minimum – but it also provides ample opportunity for optimum cuteness – her little phrases and exclamations (‘oh dear me’, ‘what have we got here’, ‘what’s that noise, Mummy?’) would fill a slim volume.

One of my favourites, however, is her uncanny ability to guess how old everybody is. Ask her Mummy’s age, or Daddy’s age, or anybody’s for that matter and she will tell you that they “are 2”. Ask her her old she is however and it’s almost always “I’ll be 3…..”

Does this mean I am younger than my own daughter? Now that would be something…

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