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Out of sight…..

Posted by Caroline on February 6, 2008

I’ve mentioned how over the past few months Emily’s talking has come on – and in recent weeks it’s become even more advanced, with her answering questions, learning more and more words and even stringing short sentences together.

One of her current observations is that grown-ups go to work – with her proudly telling me that “Daddy gone office” whenever he heads off for the day. This has been stretched to cover the full complement of relatives (“Mummy gone office, Bubbe gone office, Grandma gone office….you get the idea”) – but what I wasn’t expecting was for her to take the concept even further.

A couple of weeks back she was looking out of her bedroom window when she spotted a cat in the car park outside. After getting very excited and shouting ‘hi cat’ repeatedly, the creature then ran behind a car. I immediately said to her “oooooh, where’s the cat gone?” She thought about this for a few seconds, then triumphantly replied, “cat gone office!”

Now how can you possibly argue with that kind of logic?

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