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Words Don’t Come Easy

Posted by Caroline on November 28, 2007

Having mastered the art of walking, which she has now been doing for around a month (toddling along in the way that small children do, with her arms stretched out a la Frankenstein’s monster), Emily is now getting the hang of talking – and as such is learning new words on a daily basis.

Much of this is due to her extraordinary ability to repeat whatever has been said to her (meaning we have to really watch our language from now on since she is too young to understand that ‘Daddy’s special words’ uttered in response to bad drivers really shouldn’t be repeated in polite company), but every so often she’ll come out with something like ‘knock’ (at the door), ‘home’, ‘lunch’, ‘milk’ or ‘top’, and really take me by surprise.

Perhaps the strangest bit of repetition however occurred last weekend. Having been a bit under the weather this past week with a throat infection at the same time as cutting a couple of molars, Emily has been taking a bit of medicine recently, and at one point we jokingly asked her if she wanted Calpol or Medised. To which she suddenly replied ‘Calpol!’

This took us by surprise to such an extent that we then asked her if she wanted Medised to which she replied ‘Medised!’ very triumphantly. And then proceeded to walk round the flat shouting it.

Since then we’ve discovered that if you ask her whether she prefers one thing or another, she will inevitably repeat one of the options – usually the last one. And as such we have discovered she prefers pizza to pasta, TV to radio, cats to dogs, kiwis to pears….the list is endless.

It’s the medicine trick which I am most impressed by however – not even 18 months old and she is already recognising brands.

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What Do I Want? Er…

Posted by Caroline on November 9, 2007

Among Emily’s many new skills (for she seems to be acquiring them on a daily basis now) is indicating that she wants something – at least, sort of. About a week or two ago she began to demonstrate this new-found talent, which basically involves reaching her hand out and making a kind of persuasive sounding “UHHHHHHHH?!” type noise until she gets what she’s after.

Of course, this is fine if you can work out what she’s after (usually something she isn’t supposed to have such as a phone charger, pile of loose change, glass of Coke Zero etc. etc.) but isn’t quite so easy when she just reaches out her hand and gestures vaguely in the direction of the rest of the world.

The other day, for example, I had pretty much emptied all the shelves in her room before it became apparent it was her shoes she wanted, while a similar incident while she was sitting in her high chair having lunch a couple of weeks ago resulted in my moving everything off the living room table and giving it to her.

Surely it can only be a matter of time before the phrase “I want……(add in as appropriate) makes its appearance? At least by the time it does we will have had plenty of practice responding to it.

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