Only little babies do that…

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I’m Not A Baby, Mummy….

Posted by Caroline on October 15, 2007

I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s time I changed the name of this blog, since it’s become ever more apparent to me that my daughter is no longer a baby, such is the rate at which she is growing up.

Recently, her new found skills include feeding herself with a spoon (and actually getting the food in her mouth rather than scattering it all over her face, the highchair or any other available surface), combing her own hair (or at least trying to), cleaning her own teeth and even helping me to dress her in the morning. She also joins in with certain nursery rhymes and chatters incessantly. Some of what she says even makes sense.

Of course there are certain things she no longer does – it’s been months since she fell asleep in my arms, for instance, and playing on her playmat is a thing of the past (so is keeping still for more than half a second, for that matter), and naturally I miss those little things, but can’t help but feel excited about the things which have come in to replace them. Emily may not be a baby any more but she is turning into a rather delightful little girl instead.

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