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All strapped up!

Posted by Caroline on October 15, 2007

Recent events have led me to wonder whether there is such a thing as a seatbelt or strap that an inquisitive toddler can’t undo of their own accord. If there is, I’d be interested to see it, and particularly discover whether Emily – who has recently turned into something of a mini-Houdini – could actually wriggle out of it.

I realised just how good she was with straps when I took her out for a Mummy-daughter lunch at a nice North London cafe last week. Instead of the usual high chair, she was given a booster seat at the cafe, and appeared to be very excited by this – and indeed, was happy to sit there for a while throwing packets of sugar around and eating more of my lunch than I did.

Until, that is, I was foolish enough to turn my back on her for two and a half seconds, in which time she had somehow managed to undo the strap on the seat and begin clambering on the table to see what else she could find. Quite how she managed it I have no idea, since even I found it rather baffling for a while – but naturally I was having none of this and immediately returned a protesting Emily to her seat, and strapped her back in. Two minutes later she had slid so far down in the seat as to resemble a mini version of Youtube’s ‘Fat Kid On Rollercoaster’ video. And got stuck. And shrieked.

Perhaps my daughter is practising for a future career as a stuntwoman?

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  1. Lyns said

    Just passing by from Damsels and saying hi! *waves*

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