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Clickety Click

Posted by Caroline on August 3, 2007

It’s fair to say that Emily’s teeth are rather like buses – having waited ages and ages for them, two have now come along at once. This means she now has a grand total of three gnashers – one on top, two at the bottom – and it looks as though another one is set to join them any day now.

Quite what she makes of these new arrivals in her mouth is anybody’s guess, but she’s certainly putting them to good use chomping on breadsticks, carving up mouthfuls of toast and eating anything else within sight that requires a bit of bite. 

But we discovered how else she has been using them when we went into her room one morning to be faced with a mysterious clicking sound. What it was, we couldn’t figure out – until we realised that it was Emily moving her top and bottom tooth against each other,  something which seemed to intrigue her almost as much as it intrigued us.

In fact she was so taken with it that she’s started doing it on a regular basis, prompting other people to ask “What’s that noise?” And judging by the looks on their faces, they are as baffled by Emily’s peculiar new habit as we were. 

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