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It’s Been A While….

Posted by Caroline on July 9, 2007

…..since Only Little was updated, for which apologies are in order. I started a new job at the end of May which involves a lot of evening work as well as some six day weeks – team that with looking after an increasingly speedy and curious one-year-old and it’s easy to see that it doesn’t leave a lot of time for blog updating!

Nonetheless, over the past month we’ve seen a lot of changes in Emily – she’s standing and walking far more confidently, holding only one of Mummy or Daddy’s hands while she does so. She has incorporated several new words into her vocabulary, the latest being ‘sock’ – the only trouble being that she can’t actually pronounce the s yet so it comes out as ‘gock’. And just to further complicate matters she uses it to describe anything that goes on one’s feet, shoes included.

She is also mastering the art of self-feeding – holding and drinking out of her own bottle or cup and doing fabulous things with finger food. Her favourite appears to be toast – preferably dry (weird child….), which she has discovered not only tastes good when eaten but also is fun to throw at Mummy when she is crawling underneath the high chair picking up bits of food that have already been dropped.

On the dental front, we still only have one tooth but can see several underneath her gums which look as though they’re going to pop through at any minute – so much so that I confidently expect her to wake up with a mouthful of gnashers any day now.

There are plenty more things I could mention – her new-found fondness for giggling at nothing,  her oh-so-speedy crawling, the way she hands her bottle back to me with a big grin when she’s finished it, her cute habit of sleeping on her side curled up in one corner of her cot – but I’ll save those for another entry. Needless to say, her personality has emerged  – and that’s the most exciting change of all.

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