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Shake It!

Posted by DINRIL on May 23, 2007

Among Emily’s many new skills is the art of shaking her head. As you might imagine, she is very proud of her ability to do this, so much so that she tends to do it as a response to every question.

 Which of course leads to some interesting conversations, namely: “Do you love Mummy?” (shakes head) “Do you love Daddy?” (shakes head) “Do you like anyone?” (yet another shake of the head followed inevitably by a cheeky little smile)

While Emily thinks this is all incredibly funny, I’ve started using it to my own advantage recently. Hence conversations along the lines of: “Should Mummy stop eating chocolate?” (shakes head) “Should Mummy stop buying new clothes?” (shakes head). And so on.

Perhaps most baffling, however, is the shaken head response to the question “Would you like a birthday party?” True, it would save us some money if we were to respond accordingly….except of course we’ve taken that one with a pinch of salt.


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