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Shake It!

Posted by Caroline on May 23, 2007

Among Emily’s many new skills is the art of shaking her head. As you might imagine, she is very proud of her ability to do this, so much so that she tends to do it as a response to every question.

 Which of course leads to some interesting conversations, namely: “Do you love Mummy?” (shakes head) “Do you love Daddy?” (shakes head) “Do you like anyone?” (yet another shake of the head followed inevitably by a cheeky little smile)

While Emily thinks this is all incredibly funny, I’ve started using it to my own advantage recently. Hence conversations along the lines of: “Should Mummy stop eating chocolate?” (shakes head) “Should Mummy stop buying new clothes?” (shakes head). And so on.

Perhaps most baffling, however, is the shaken head response to the question “Would you like a birthday party?” True, it would save us some money if we were to respond accordingly….except of course we’ve taken that one with a pinch of salt.

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Canadian Baby

Posted by Caroline on May 6, 2007

Are we there yet……?As I mentioned in the previous post, we’ve just returned from a trip to Toronto for a family wedding – which not only marked Emily’s first trip abroad but also our first holiday with a baby in tow.

Naturally, this presented a lot more obstacles than previous holidays when our chief concern was getting a parking space as close to the terminal as possible so we didn’t have to walk too far. Before setting off this time, though, we had to sort out everything from making sure there was a bassinet on the plane for Emily through to finding out just what brands of baby milk were available in Canada (and whether they would come in ready to feed format like the milk that we use here).

And then of course there was the small matter of working out the difference between a crib and a cot, and which one was actually the barred bed she is accustomed to sleeping in here (incidentally it’s called a crib, for those who might be planning a transatlantic jaunt with a little one in tow).

Having sorted all this out – and packed enough milk, jars of food, clothes, toys etc. to keep all but the most discerning baby occupied for the duration of the trip, we encountered our first problem at the airport, when it became apparent at the gate that there was no bassinet on board for our daughter. As it happened, however, the flight was far from full and so Emily had her own seat instead.

And as you might imagine, this was actually a lot better – and little girl had a wonderful time, standing up on the seats, waving at passengers, grabbing every inflight magazine, airline safety card, food tray and sickbag within reach, and at one point apparently trying to climb inside the seat back TV.

Unfortunately, she was having such a good time that she forgot to take a nap for the entire duration of the flight (which was approximately seven hours) and as such went into screaming meltdown for the final hour, thus ensuring that almost every passenger on board was of course looking in our direction. Fellow parents had advised me to feed Emily on takeoff and landing to prevent her ears from popping – in theory this is a good idea, in reality trying to get a screaming, wriggling baby to take a bottle while trying to stop her from jumping out of your arms the minute the landing gear comes down isn’t entirely practical.

Unsurprisingly, she conked out the second we were on the ground, and slept all the way to our hotel – upon which time she woke up, seemed rather perky and was officially, from that moment, on Canadian time (which was more than could be said for her jetlagged parents).

And for the next six days, she had a wonderful time, smiling at random Canadians (many of whom stopped to tell us what a ‘cute’ daughter we had), being thoroughly spoiled by her family (many of whom were meeting us for the first time), trying all sorts of new food (cheese omelettes, hash browns etc.) and sitting patiently while Mummy and Daddy went about the awkward business of buying her summer wardrobe. Oh, and she saw a bit of Toronto as well. And managed to sleep through the entire wedding ceremony.

On the return flight she once again had a seat, and spent a good five hours clambering all over it before exhaustion took over and she nodded off. She was still asleep when we landed, in fact, and looked utterly bemused when she woke up in the terminal, as if she couldn’t quite work out what she was doing in the middle of an airport in her sleepsuit at 10 o’clock at night.

In fact I’m still convinced that when she woke up in her own cot the following morning she thought that perhaps the previous week was just a lovely dream.

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