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New Tricks

Posted by DINRIL on April 9, 2007

Following on from last week’s announcement that Emily had pulled herself up to a standing position, she is now gaining even more new skills at a rate of knots.

Firstly, we now have a baby who waves. Specifically, she likes to wave to her daddy, although she’ll waggle that little hand at anybody who pays her attention. What’s more, she’ll also stop waving if you tell her to, which is even more impressive.

We now also have a baby who is capable of moving herself from sitting to crawling in one smooth move. Which in one way is fantastic, as it means I can actually sit her on her playmat knowing she can crawl off whenever she feels like it (rather than rely on Mummy to put her on her front) – but isn’t quite so much fun when I leave her sitting up on our bed and she decides to crawl off, or when she crawls all over the changing table, veering perilously close to the edge in her quest to throw nappy sacks all over the room or try and chew on the tube of Metanium cream without my noticing.

Perhaps most exciting though is the way in which her speech appears to be developing. We may be wrong, but we’re convinced she’s started saying ‘Daddy’. And then saying it over and over again, sounding very pleased with herself in the process. The other day she even looked at Daddy and said it. Of course now she’s mastered that, I intend to begin her ‘Mummy’ training…..


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