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Guess Who’s Standing!

Posted by DINRIL on April 2, 2007

Look at me Daddy, I’m standing!A couple of days ago we finally got around to lowering Emily’s cot, after it became apparent that if we left it much longer she might attempt to climb out of it.

Naturally I was a bit nervous as to how she would adjust to her new sleeping arrangements – but as with everything else, she took it in her stride – and within five minutes of being placed in the new lowered cot was already pushing herself up on her knees to look over the edge.

My mother reliably informed me that now the cot was on its lowest setting, it would only be a matter of time before Emily started pulling herself up to a standing position, something she has been trying to do for a while.

Naturally, I spent the weekend encouraging her to do this (since she can stand up, but only with help from Mummy and Daddy so far) but all weekend all she did was get up on her knees and stare up at me as if to say, “Yeah, so what now?”

This morning, however, was a very different story. I’d popped her in her cot after breakfast while I sorted out what she was going to wear, and next thing I knew she was back in her kneeling position, gripping the top of the bars with an expression of intense concentration on her little face. And then she simply pulled herself up.

So once again my mother was right – not only did Emily master the art of standing in her cot but it took her only two days to do it.

Only problem is, of course, that now she wants to do it all the time – cue a day of her standing on the sofa trying to grab things, standing in her high chair and flatly refusing to sit down, and even grabbing hold of my leg to try and pull herself up.

Of course, this development means only one thing – that walking cannot be far off. And then the fun will really begin.


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