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So this is what happens….

Posted by Caroline on March 27, 2007

Yummy!…..when my husband and mother-in-law look after Emily while I’m at work!

I am reliably assured that she didn’t eat them……

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Up For The Cup

Posted by Caroline on March 21, 2007

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering how best to approach giving Emily her drinks out of a cup instead of a bottle. Obviously we have no intention of ditching the bottle just yet – after all, she’s become so very good at picking it up and putting it in her mouth, even if she hasn’t quite mastered the art of getting actual liquid out of it – but she’s reaching that age now where alternative drinking receptacles can be introduced.

Previous efforts to give her drinks in a cup ended in failure when she either threw them on the floor or just looked alarmed when it was put anywhere near her mouth, so I was stumped as to how to overcome this. Until, that is, we went to a restaurant for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Normally Emily sits in her pushchair or car seat when we eat out, but on this occasion, she sat at the table in a high chair. While we were waiting for our food, her grandmother attempted to give her some water from her own glass – and to my amazement, she knew exactly how to drink out of it!

When the glass approached her she leaned forward, mouth wide open, and took a good swig of liquid, then sat back looking very pleased with herself.

Quite how she worked that one out I have no idea, but nonetheless I tried a similar approach with a cup after she’d finished her dinner later that evening. And once again she knew exactly how to drink out of it. What’s more, when I popped the lid back on and showed her how to drink from the spout, it was only a matter of seconds before she had grabbed the cup off me and was drinking out of it without my help.

Of course, if I’d known it was going to be this easy, I’d have introduced it far earlier.

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Look what I can do….!.

Posted by Caroline on March 14, 2007

Yay, look at me Mummy!As I’ve mentioned before, Emily has been amazing me in recent months with the speed of her development and her newly-found skills.

 She’s been crawling for a couple of months now (which of course is a licence to remove CDs from the shelf, books from the bookcase and generally go off in search of all the phone wires and tight corners that our home has to offer), but now she’s taken it a step further. Literally.

Not only has she become very good at standing up, but she also walks, after a fashion, if you hold her hands, putting one foot in front of the other and tentatively moving forward. And looking very pleased with herself as she does so.

Which of course has left me wondering: just how long will it be before she lets go of my hands and just walks off by herself? Only a matter of time, I’m saying.

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Dressing Up

Posted by Caroline on March 10, 2007

All dressed up!Emily has had a tummy bug and as a result has been a bit under the weather for a few days, hence the lack of new posts. She is on the mend but understandably worn out – and as much as we suspect teething may have played a part in this, there is still no sign of any fangs. Am officially getting impatient now….

So since there is no dental-related news to report and poor little girl has spent the best part of the last few days sleeping, here’s something to enjoy from last weekend – a photo of Emily in her new party frock, prior to her cousin’s birthday party…..

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Emily The Traveller

Posted by Caroline on March 5, 2007

I am proud to report that Emily is now the proud owner of her very own passport. We’ve been thinking about getting her one for a while now, but since booking a trip to Canada for a family wedding next month it has of course become a necessity.

That said, getting the little red book has been no easy task. Having filled in all the forms and sent them off complete with appropriate photos, we were out when the passport was first delivered, and since my husband had to sign for it, in place of a passport we were left with a delivery note instead.

We duly re-arranged to have it sent, and spent virtually an entire Saturday sitting at home waiting for it to show up. When it didn’t by late afternoon, we could wait no longer and went out, only to return a few hours later and discover that no courier had turned up with it. Further investigation revealed that the courier company were told that my husband no longer lived at our address (he did last time I looked), and after many cross words were exchanged, we finally arranged to have it delivered once again the following Thursday, both he and Emily were at my mother-in-law’s (and I was at work).

This time, I’m happy to report, it did turn up, and very nice it is too. Although we can’t help being amused by the bit on the inside back page next to Emily’s personal details, which says that the holder does not have to sign. Perhaps in lieu of a signature she could just put in a big scribble in crayon?

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