Only little babies do that…

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Upside Down You’re Turning Me….

Posted by Caroline on February 19, 2007

Last Wednesday night I was just dozing off (in front of Desperate Housewives, as has become the norm) when I heard a scream coming from Emily’s room. When I went in to investigate I found her lying the wrong way round in the cot, on her front, with her head wedged in the bottom right hand corner.

Quite how she got there, I have no idea (since she had been fast asleep and facing the opposite way when I’d checked on her just half an hour previously), but I’m becoming increasingly used to finding her in all sorts of peculiar positions since her mobility increased.

When she first began rolling over in her sleep she would invariably get stuck on her tummy and call upon me at all hours to ‘rescue’ her, but these days she tends to sort herself out, however this position was clearly beyond even her capabilities.

She went back to sleep very quickly after a cuddle but it hasn’t dampened her passion for night-time exploration. A couple of days later, after an early morning feed, she decided to go back to sleep – and when I checked on her I found her fast asleep, on her front, facing – you guessed it – the bottom end of the cot once more.

Which of course led me to ask the question: when was the last time I woke up in the morning underneath the duvet at the bottom end of the bed? Never, as far as I can remember. Maybe that really is something that only little babies do.

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