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Apologies Once Again….

Posted by Caroline on February 4, 2007

…..for lack of posts in the last few days, I have been juggling work and other commitments, while Emily has decided to combine having a cold with a bout of teething.

So it’s been a little busy around here. I’ll be back later on with a proper update however – and hopefully news of some actual fangs, which appear to finally be making their way through!

11 Responses to “Apologies Once Again….”

  1. tater03 said

    Believe me I understand it can get a little hard to update a blog with everything else that goes on when you have a family. I really hope that things calm down here for you real soon. I hope that Emily start to feel better. Colds seem twice as bad when they are also teething.

  2. katharina said

    Feel better soon, Little Emily! When those teeth break through, it’s just a matter of time until you’re eating that sushi, too!

  3. FourBear said

    Aw, I hope Emily feels better soon! Teething and a cold…what a terrible combination. I’m sure she’ll be back in tip-top shape in no time.

  4. katharina said

    As far as the lack of posts goes, I’m sure anyone reading Emily’s blog understands that work and home commitments simply get in the way sometimes. And now with a sick baby! Totally understandable.

  5. Stephanie2377 said

    Poor Emily! (and poor Emily’s Mommy!) Those teeth busting through can be really bad. Plus, the pressure can cause swelling in all tissues, which can lead to runny noses and a general feeling malaise. I hope those teeth show up soon, and Emily gets back to being her cheerful self!

  6. LyricB said

    Isn’t it the worst when they get sick? The only saving grace is that sometimes they sleep better when they have a cold.

  7. Emily is the opposite – she generally does sleep well but when she has a cold that changes! She’s not been too bad the past couple of nights though – I’ll post an update later on today.

  8. Stephanie2377 said

    My son is just like Emily. He doesn’t sleep well when he has a cold. I think it is because his nose is all stuffed up and it is hard to breathe! He sleeps fitfully, which means that I don’t get much sleep, either.
    I hope Emily is feeling better today.

  9. FourBear said

    Glad to hear that Emily is still getting what seems to be decent sleep, despite having a cold. I’m sure that’s at least partially responsible for her recovery.

  10. LyricB said

    My friend gives her daughter (who is 2 1/2) cold medicine made for older kids which helps her sleep. I think that’s dangerous though, and the pharmacist I talked to said it could have an opposite affect on a baby and make her hyper instead of sleepy.

  11. Stephanie2377 said

    I would agree that you should only give medicine meant for your own child. It isn’t wise to give a cold medicine meant for older children to your toddler. I am glad her daughter is OK, but definitely not recommended!
    I am glad that Emily is feeling better. I know she has had a time of it lately!

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