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How To Have Fun At Dinner

Posted by Caroline on January 28, 2007

When Emily was tiny, something as simple as eating a meal proved to be a tad difficult. At best, we would wait until she was asleep before attempting lunch or dinner, hoping she wouldn’t wake up until the last mouthful had been eaten – at worst, we would have to take it in turns to eat to prevent her from screaming all the way through the meal.

Now, though, it’s a very different story – we simply pop her on the playmat with her toys when it’s dinner time and she pleases herself (which these days means crawls into the corner in an effort to chew on my laptop cable, the TV aerial or any other high risk item which looks just too tempting to resist).

Recently, however, she’s started finding meal times incredibly funny and I can’t quite imagine why. This evening, for instance, we were tucking into our sushi while she was kicking away on her mat, when suddenly she began giggling at nothing. I’ve yet to work out what it was that amused her, but from that point she seemed to find everything absolutely rib-tickling.

At one point I glanced at her and she burst into yet another fit of the giggles – yet I had done absolutely nothing that anybody could possibly find funny.

It’s not the first time this has happened either. It’s become quite common for me to spend meal times amusing her between bites of food, until she loses interest and heads off in search of a phone charger or chair leg to nibble. I have to admit it’s infinitely preferable to having her scream all the way through dinner – even if it’s just as distracting.

15 Responses to “How To Have Fun At Dinner”

  1. FourBear said

    It sounds like Emily thinks that your dinners also include a show – put on by you for her entertainment! I bet you can’t help but smile every time you hear her giggle, though. 🙂

  2. katharina said

    I’ll bet she wanted some of that sushi! 🙂 One of *my* favorite things, but I don’t think children would like it as much as I do. My daughter tried it once and that was enough… BUT maybe Emily was thinking “you just wait, and in a while I’ll be up there at that table eating table food and sushi WITH you instead of watching!”

  3. Stephanie2377 said

    How incredibly wonderful that you can have a pleasant meal now! I remember those days of stuffing our faces, praying we didn’t hear screams come from the room. I also learned how to eat one-handed. Sounds like Emily finds you all very amusing. Maybe it is the look of you all actually biting and chewing? Babies find all new things fascinating, so this must just tickle her funnybone.

  4. tater03 said

    I think that makes for nice dinner entertainment. I bet she sounds so cute when she laughs. Like you said it beats the screaming while you try to eat. I remember those days.

  5. Stephanie2377 said

    Just wait until Emily gets to the age where she sits on your lap and tries to grab everything you put into your mouth. That is always fun! 🙂 My son is almost 2yo, and he eyes everything that I eat. He will just smile, and then sign “please” “bite” and “more”. I swear, the best diet is to have your child eat half of what is on your plate! 🙂 Emily will be up to all of that before you know it!

  6. FourBear said

    Judging from everyone else’s experiences, it seems that Emily is highly (and maybe even unusually) cooperative! When she gets crawling, I bet she will start making her way over to you at dinnertime to see what you’re having though, hehe.

  7. tater03 said

    I can remember when my son was learning how to pull him self up and he used the my chair to pull himself up and I went to help him and dumped my whole plate of food on the floor in the process. He seemed to think that was funny.

  8. LyricB said

    When you think about it, we do look pretty absurd when we eat. Maybe she just finds it funny.

  9. FourBear said

    At times like this I bet you really wish you could read Emily’s mind! Perhaps she was laughing at the prospect of eating raw fish (or chopsticks, if you were using those as well).

  10. LyricB said

    Oh yeah, chopsticks! If you were eating your sushi with chopsticks that would certainly give her fuel for her giggles!

  11. katharina said

    She *could* be waiting for you to invite her over to share in the meal, ya know. 🙂 “I’ll just keep making these adorable Emily-noises and they’ll come to pick me up and get me closer to that glorious food!”

  12. FourBear said

    Soon enough Emily will be large enough for a booster seat so you can join you at the table and giggle at you right there!

  13. Stephanie2377 said

    It will be so much fun when Emily can participate in meals with you. She will definitely be more interested in what is on YOUR plate, though! My son will eat the same food off of my plate after he has refused it off of his own plate. Mommy’s food always tastes better! 🙂

  14. LyricB said

    Stephanie, that is so true. My son has started fussing in his booster and toddling over to me. He loves sitting on my lap and picking off my plate.

  15. katharina said

    That might be tempting to keep the “yukky green stuff” on Mom’s plate so the little ones will beg for that broccoli. Think that would work? Nah! 🙂

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