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Yes, But What Is It For….?

Posted by Caroline on January 22, 2007

Perhaps I’ll try drinking out of this mug instead……?Sometimes I’m baffled as to the logic behind certain inventions designed to make babies’ lives easier – while these things may seem logical to a grown-up, present them to the baby for whom they were intended and it’s a very different story.

The other week, for example, I decided to experiment with giving Emily her water in a lidded cup instead of a bottle, since she has been quite happily drinking from her bottle without help (well, she has been putting it furiously, but hasn’t quite realised that you have to tilt it to actually get any liquid out, hence she spends ages sucking in air and looking rather confused).

Sure enough, she reached out for the cup, as she is doing for everything offered to her or within grabbing distance these days. She then proceeded to turn it upside down and push the bottom of it into her mouth, scattering water everywhere as it spilled out of the lid. At which point I decided she probably wasn’t ready for it just yet.

Today, meanwhile, I attempted to soothe a bout of teething discomfort with a special ‘teething biscuit’ that babies apparently chew on to relieve their aching gums. According to the instructions on the packet, you thread a piece of string through a hole in the top of the biscuit, attach it to baby’s clothing and then they happily gnaw away on it  – cue end of discomfort.

In reality, what actually happened was that I diligently followed the instructions then held it out to Emily – who then proceeded to stare at it, play with the string, wave the biscuit around in the air and eventually throw it on the floor (meaning of course it had to go in the bin rather than in her mouth). And it’s hardly surprising really. I mean, how was I supposed to explain to her what the biscuit was for?

Some things of course she is capable for figuring out for herself – toys are for playing with, food is for eating, Mummy and Daddy are for crawling all over and headbutting at inopportune moments. But naturally I’m now left wondering how you explain other mysterious objects to a baby. Maybe if they also came with instruction manuals it might make the whole process easier.

13 Responses to “Yes, But What Is It For….?”

  1. Melos said

    And you are left wondering if she really knew what the teething biscuit is for but just wasn’t interested, right? Telepathy would be such a blessing… until they reach the teenage years!

  2. Stephanie2377 said

    Sounds like Emily figured out her own explanation for that teething biscuit. When I first showed one to my son, he was baffled. I then pretended to eat it, and put it near his mouth. He loves to gnaw on everything, anyway, so he eventually took a bite and loved it. Sounds like the string threw her off! How often does food come with a string? 🙂

  3. tater03 said

    Yes, my son was very confused about tipping the cup. He did finally get it but it was long before I went out and bought the spilless sippy cup.
    As for the teething biscuits. They like them to but man if they are the ones I’m familiar with what a mess they make. Just fairwarning.

  4. FourBear said

    Maybe you should try telling Emily what the teething biscuit is for..she seems intelligent enough, after all. 🙂 Who knows just how much she can understand! Like Stephanie did, perhaps you could pretend to eat it first so that Emily would follow suit.

  5. LyricB said

    Both of my kids tried teething biscuits. My daughter would happily gnaw on it until it was a gooey mess, but my son wouldn’t even put it in his mouth. Funny how these things go, isn’t it?

  6. katharina said

    We didn’t have much of a problem with teething so I never tried the biscuits. It sounds like a great idea, though. I *do* remember the cup and the spills. I was usually glad it was water in there at the time of the bad spills so that it wouldn’t be dark juice stains on the clothing. 🙂

  7. FourBear said

    I remember that my brother had a sippy cup whose holes were so small that barely any liquid would come out when it was tipped upside-down! There were three holes about the size of the holes in a salt/pepper shaker on the “sippy” part…it worked surprisingly well. They were just big enough to sip juice or whatever was in there, but small enough to keep bigger spills at bay.

  8. Melos said

    We had sippy cups that had no-leak valves inside the lid. Nary a drop was spilled, but they were awful to wash. My kids sure weren’t ready for them at 5-6 months though!

  9. Stephanie2377 said

    Does Emily have a sippy cup at all? My son uses sippy and straw cups, and they don’t leak much. It is a nice transition from bottle to regular cup with slotted lid. I thought that might be a cleaner way for Emily to get the hang of using a cup.

  10. tater03 said

    We tried the straw cups and I am not sure why but neither one of my kids seemed to really like them. I would highly recommend the sippy cups when she gets a little older.

  11. FourBear said

    I’m sure that when Emily gets older, she will get a kick out of those “straw cups” that have the plastic straw-spout attached right to them. They usually come in fun shapes. Start stocking up on those now. 🙂

  12. Stephanie2377 said

    My son has a couple of those straw cups with the soft plastic attached straws (they have a valve in them) I let him pick some out, so we now have an Elmo, a Big Bird and a Dora. He loves water in his straw cups, and milk in his sippy cup. Children certainly have their own opinions!

  13. katharina said

    Wow, that’s for sure! They love having their own opinions and they are usually not very shy about voicing those opinions… often very loudly! 🙂

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