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I Like Driving In My Car

Posted by DINRIL on January 21, 2007

One of Emily’s favourite things – something she’s been fond of since she was a tiny newborn in fact – is to go for a ride in our car. And the fact she enjoys it has come as a huge relief to me, given that babies can be a tad unpredictable where motor vehicles are concerned – some love it, others absolutely hate it, which can’t be much fun for either baby or parent if you’re sitting in a traffic jam or speeding down the motorway at 70mph.

At first she used to spend most of her travelling time asleep – we would barely have put the key in the ignition and her eyelids would be drooping – but while she’s still given to taking naps in her rapidly shrinking car seat, she has also discovered the joy of having an in-depth conversation mid-journey.

Of course she can’t say any actual words yet, so what we get instead is a stream of random sounds and babble (which presumably constitute words in her language), but the sheer enthusiasm of her chatter – to say nothing of the volume – suggest that she’s enjoying the journey, since she seems to be far more vocal in the car than she is elsewhere. I generally provide my husband with a running commentary when this happens, although on occasions when I’m not in the car he has to supply his own translation.

She also gets to look out of the window now at passing vehicles and other sights, something she was unable to do previously due to the sunshade we fitted over the window. I installed this just before Emily was born, since she was a June baby and last summer was a scorcher, and there it stayed until a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly realised that a sunshade probably wasn’t necessary in a cold, grey British winter.

So she can now see what’s going on, and is particularly fascinated by lorries, buses and other large noisy vehicles that take up more than their fair share of space on the road. Quite what she makes of it all is anybody’s guess, but her reaction is always fun to watch.

13 Responses to “I Like Driving In My Car”

  1. katharina said

    Sweet. 🙂 I think sometimes it may be the very sound of the car that babies enjoy. We had to take my colicky daughter for car rides for a little while because it’s the only thing that would calm her down.

  2. Melos said

    All sorts of amazing colors and shapes flying past just for her enjoyment! Its probably easier for her to see busses and trucks than it is to see cars, after all.

  3. tater03 said

    Yes, I would think not knowing what the things are and all the fast colors would actually be fun to look at. I sometimes wish I took joy from the little things like that.

  4. Stephanie2377 said

    You are so lucky that Emily enjoys car rides so much. When my son was little, he *hated* car rides and would scream. It was awful! Sounds like Emily has a terrific time!!! I love that ongoing baby chatter. It is a running commentary. 🙂

  5. FourBear said

    My guess is that Emily’s babbling is a commentary of what she sees from her car seat! She’s probably going something like, “Look at that! Oooo wait…look at that and…that!” 🙂

  6. LyricB said

    Both of my kids screamed bloody murder in the car when they were infants. Thankfully they have outgrown that now, but back then it was quite harrowing.

  7. katharina said

    I know what you mean, tater… babies get such joy from things adults take *so* much for granted every day.

  8. Melos said

    Oh boy, I feel for those whose babies screamed in the car. More often than not, mine would fall asleep almost instantly.

  9. Stephanie2377 said

    I wish my son would have fallen asleep as an infant! Though, now that he is almost 2yo, I am so glad he doesn’t sleep. I would never want a 15 minute nap during the trip home from the Mall to ruin his afternoon nap. So, I find myself doing all I can to keep him up! 🙂

  10. tater03 said

    I remember so well trying to keep my sons up also so they wouldn’t fall asleep and ruin their nap. Now that they are older they do more fighting in the car then anything else. Drives me nuts.

  11. FourBear said

    I’ve always wondered what makes cars so soothing. I remember still falling asleep in them when I was a toddler!

  12. Stephanie2377 said

    I think the drone of the motor and the road noise often acts like white noise to soothe babies into going to sleep. Plus, there is the feeling of motion and bumping up and down. They are all warm and cozy in the seat, so they just drift off (except for my son when he was a baby!!)

  13. katharina said

    I would assume it’s the sound of the engine coupled with the movement, too. Babies can seem to tune out anything else that’s going on in a car like talking or the radio also. Wish I could!

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