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The Big Girl’s Seat

Posted by Caroline on January 16, 2007

Wonder if Mummy and Daddy will notice if I slip this into the trolley?I am delighted to report that after months of sitting in the plastic trolley seat at the supermarket, Emily has finally graduated to the other seat – the one intended for older babies who have gotten the hang of this whole sitting up business.

On today’s trip we originally intended to put her into the plastic seat as per usual but she proved just too big (the fact she was wearing a large puffy coat we bought her at the weekend probably didn’t help either) and we were unable to fasten the straps around her.

I subsequently suggested that since she’s gotten the hang of sitting up straight in her high chair, that she might be ready for the other child seat – the one that allows her to sit up and put her feet through the gaps provided.

And sure enough, she loved it. Quite aside from the freedom it gave her to dangle her legs over the edge of the trolley, it also meant she could look around the store properly, as opposed to the somewhat restricted view the other seat gave her. As the accompanying photo shows, it also gave her a chance to recommend some groceries to us.

Yet I remember a time, not so long ago, when she was too small even for the plastic seat and had to ride in the trolley sitting in her car seat. I’m sure it’ll be only a matter of time till she’s pushing the trolley herself (and no doubt loading it with yet more of Mummy and Daddy’s favourite indulgent desserts) and I’ll be wondering just where the time has gone.

14 Responses to “The Big Girl’s Seat”

  1. katharina said

    I have to know… what kinds of wonderful foods did Emily choose? Baby foods… or “big girl foods” now that she’s maturing so rapidly? 🙂 I can’t see what she’s holding in the photograph, but it looks good from the picture. Looks like macaroni and cheese perhaps?

  2. It is clotted cream rice pudding actually……:-)

  3. Melos said

    Hmm… she’ll be up to handling that kind of thing soon. 🙂

    It’s amazing the strange milestones that parents get excited over. Oh, I don’t mean it rudely! I did it to – taking photographs in the supermarket. 🙂

  4. LyricB said

    The funny thing is that the milestones that seem so huge right now are going to dissolve from memory once your child starts doing things like walking, reading, and all that jazz. Hey, good thing you have a blog to remember everything!!

  5. tater03 said

    I remember these days and then you would get to the checkout and have stuff you know you didn’t put into the cart. Checkouts are fun especially the ones with all the candy and gum in them.

  6. FourBear said

    That new coat you got her is very cute! She looks very serene sitting there in the seat, like it’s almost natural. Looks like she has some good taste, too.

  7. katharina said

    Ah, rice pudding! The little lady has good taste for sure! It will be *so* much fun introducing all kinds of “big girl food” to her when it’s time!

  8. FourBear said

    Have you ever seen those little toy shopping carts that come with plastic food? When Emily is old enough, I bet she would love playing with those things!

  9. LyricB said

    FourBear, that’s a great suggestion. At one of the stores we go to sometimes they actually have smaller versions of the big carts so my three year-old can push it around. She loves that.

  10. Melos said

    Ugh. Now, I know that kids would love to push those little carts, but I hate having them in the supermarket here. Most 3 year olds don’t know how to manuever them appropriately and unfortunately, a lot of parents let their kids do whatever they want. Makes for hard shopping. (No offense to you Lyric!)

  11. Stephanie2377 said

    Look at Emily sitting up so big in the cart!! She looks so contemplative in that photo, but is holding on very nicely to the rice pudding!! My son has a small shopping cart at home full of plastic fruit that he loves to push around. I bet Emily will love that one day!
    Just wait until you are putting things into the cart, and then realize that Emily has been emptying the shelves as well. My son is so fast, and I’ll have 10 boxes of cereal in there before I know it! 🙂

  12. eldragon said

    Sitting in the grocery cart! Just wait until she spies the grocery carts that look like cars! She’ll love going to the store even more!

  13. LyricB said

    Yeah Melos, I’m with you. We go in the early morning when no other shoppers are around, and I keep her on a pretty tight leash.

  14. Stephanie2377 said

    I haven’t yet had the courage to let my son go with one of those little shopping carts. He is still a bit young (not even 2 yet) I am sure he will love it once I decide to let him try it, though! We will definitely go early so he won’t be ramming into people.

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