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Crawling Update

Posted by Caroline on January 16, 2007

Hmmmmm, now what happens if I crawl over here……?One week on, and Emily’s crawling is coming on a treat. Not only is she becoming noticeably faster, but she’s revelling in her new-found mobility and the possibilities it offers.

Suddenly, everything is even more of an adventure than it was before, and it’s not uncommon for me to pop her down on her playmat, only to find her underneath my chair ten minutes later, staring up at me as if seeking my approval.

This development took on a whole new turn yesterday when, while I was having lunch, Emily discovered my seat cushion, and more importantly the fact that it has tassels on which can be pulled. Consequently I sat eating my food while a little hand tugged away, repeatedly, as though the seat cushion were some marvellous new toy.

As a finale she discovered the chair legs, tried to eat them, then subsequently rolled on to her back and got wedged between the chair and the table leg. At which point she decided she was not happy and wanted Mummy to put her back on the playmat, pronto.

We’ve also taken to putting her down in the hallway so she has more space to practise her crawling – although the first attempt at doing this was less than successful, since she’d just eaten a huge dinner, and simply lay on her front, not moving a muscle and staring at us as if to say, “So? What do you want me to do, exactly?”

But the best way we have discovered to really get her on the move is to put her on our bed and then put our phone – still her very favourite toy – just out of her reach. Cue much frantic scrabbling and waving of arms before she pushes herself across the bed at top speed in an effort to reach it. We still haven’t quite figured out why she finds it so fascinating, but anything which gives her an opportunity to try out her new-found skill is fine by us.

7 Responses to “Crawling Update”

  1. katharina said

    This is absolutely such a fun time… and new things will be discovered more every day now. I hope this means that she has finally allowed her Dad to see the crawling?

  2. Stephanie2377 said

    Look at Emily go!! Wow, she is really making progress. It is so exciting to watch her make so many new discoveries. My son *loves* my phone and will do anything to get his hands on it. Sounds like Emily is the same way! 🙂

  3. FourBear said

    Gosh, Emily advances quickly! Looks like you have a motivated baby on your hands. 🙂 Have you tried crawling along with her yet? I bet she’d give your funny looks for that one, hehe.

  4. Melos said

    She sure sounds like she is getting around! And by ‘teasing’ her with the phone like that, you are making sure she gets in plenty of practice and exercise. So adorable!

  5. Stephanie2377 said

    Just wondering how the crawling is going? Is she getting faster? I find it amazing that it doesn’t take long for babies to *take off*.

  6. She is getting on very well. Today she decided to explore the phone point, my computer cables, our mobile phone charger, the DVD player’s scart socket……as you can tell, it was a fun morning! She is asleep now, so can relax again – until tomorrow at least…….:-)

  7. katharina said

    The whole world will be her playground now… and it sounds as if she’s already discovered that little fact!

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