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What Is She Thinking?

Posted by Caroline on January 14, 2007

Actually, mother, I’m plotting world domination…..One of the things my husband and myself have been constantly wondering about Emily is what is going on in that little mind of hers. She’s reached a stage where she appears to be concentrating intently on everything, but we have no idea what she makes of it all.

It’s easy enough to tell how she’s feeling of course – we’ve kind of got the hang of the whole hungry/thirsty/uncomfortable/tired rollercoaster of emotions now. But what she’s actually thinking – and how – remains a mystery.

I’ve often imagined that babies actually do have coherent thoughts, and just can’t actually say what they’re thinking, but that theory could come from having watched Look Who’s Talking once too often.

But I would love to know what’s going through her head when going through the daily rituals of eating, dressing and having her bath. “What’s going on?” “Why am I doing this?” “Hey, this is fun!” and “Oh no, not banana again…..” might seem to be obvious answers. But however well I know my daughter, I guess this is one thing I’ll never know the answer to.

13 Responses to “What Is She Thinking?”

  1. katharina said

    The picture on this entry was a perfect choice for the topic! She certainly looks pensive in the picture, with a little touch of “It’s SO cool that they don’t know what I’m thinking!” 🙂

  2. eldragon said

    That’s true. You’ll never know exactly what she’s thinking, but you’ll have a pretty close idea, especially when she’s older. My girls can’t keep much from me.

  3. Melos said

    It is so cute when they get so intent on things, isn’t it? And that picture sure is perfect for the thinking topic! She looks lost in thought.

  4. tater03 said

    I always wondered this myself. The other thing that I always wondered is when you have two babies together and they are babbeling back and forth do they understand each other? I guess these are things we will never know. To bad you as an adult could not remember back to when you were a baby. Then we would know.

  5. FourBear said

    The picture you’ve put up with today’s post is adorable…Emily seems to have the “thoughtful pose” down pat! Sounds like you have a thoughtful daughter, hehe.

  6. katharina said

    I’ve wondered that same thing about the two babies talking, tater03. I think it would be incredibly wonderful if we could remember back that far!

  7. Melos said

    Some people do claim that they can remember back to being born. We should go find one of them and ask them.

    Has Emily had any wild conversations with other babies I wonder.

  8. LyricB said

    My son will babble away and then my daughter translates. I have no proof that she is translating properly, but I’ll take what I can get.

  9. tater03 said

    I would love to remember back that far. I know of noone around me that claims to remember that far. But it would be interesting if you could.

  10. Stephanie2377 said

    That photo is *perfect* for this BLOG entry. It looks as though Emily is contemplating the meaning of life! As adults, I think we always try to put words onto what our kids must be thinking or feeling. Whereas, they might just be thinking “silly mommy”. 🙂 I just love the looks they have! Just wait until Emily starts *telling* you in words what she wants. It will be here before you know it!

  11. FourBear said

    I would just like to add that I think Emily is one of the most animated babies I’ve ever seen! 🙂 She always has a facial expression that seems to be telling some sort of story or feeling…it’s so cute.

  12. katharina said

    I’ve noticed that with the “little pictures” at the side of this blog, too… she has a very expressive way about her and it always looks as if she’s ready to speak her thoughts on any given matter. 🙂

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