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Chair And Chair Alike?

Posted by Caroline on January 11, 2007

I think I’ll just curl up in this chair and go to sleep…..Ever since I went back to work, Emily has been spending two days a week with my mother-in-law – and she’s made herself right at home there. So much so that she spends much of the day sitting in her armchair – playing with her toys, watching the world go by and even taking lengthy naps there. I am told that she thinks nothing of nodding off in the chair and sleeping for a good couple of hours without a second thought.

Which beggars the question: how come she never does that for me? To be fair, she’s been a pretty good sleeper up to now and is very good at settling herself at night, but daytime naps are another matter entirely. Take her for a ride in the pushchair or a drive in the car, feed her or give her a drink and often she’ll be out for the count. However, put her down in the cot without attempting any of these things and she’ll simply think it’s playtime.

I also have a very comfortable armchair at home and often let Emily sit in it when I’m getting her meals ready and at other times of the day – yet not once has she ever fallen asleep in it. In fact, she much prefers sitting in it wide awake, cooing and trying to eat her feet.

I have no problem nodding off in it myself – usually when I’m midway through watching a TV programme I really really want to see – but it appears to have the opposite effect on my daughter. Which leaves me wondering why my mother-in-law’s chair has such soporific properties. Perhaps I need to sit in it myself to discover its secret?

11 Responses to “Chair And Chair Alike?”

  1. katharina said

    Well, I don’t know for *sure* why this happens, but if I recall my childhood days, there was always something very special about going to grandma’s house. 🙂 I’d bet that Emily has discovered that special feeling.

  2. FourBear said

    I agree with Katharina, there certainly is something special about being at grandma’s house. My mother used to say that my brother and I even behaved better when we were at my grandmother’s house! Although, taking that chair for a test-nap doens’t sound like a bad idea. 🙂

  3. eldragon said

    Apples and oranges, Emily still sounds like a contented, happy baby. Neither of my two kids ever slept – at Grandmas or at home! Naps were rare – eating was a struggle and nighttime they were wide awake! You’re lucky you have an easy, satisfied baby!

  4. LyricB said

    It never fails…my kids might be going through a horrible phase of tantrums and defiance, but I leave them with someone else and the report I get back is that they were perfect angels.

  5. tater03 said

    My mother used to babysit my boys when they were babies and I never understood why they were so good at her house and then everything seemed to go down hill at times at our house. I can remember her say all the time to me “Well I don’t seem to have that problem during the day”. Who knows maybe it’s just grandma’s in general.

  6. Melos said

    Yup. Definately the grandma magic. 🙂 The instant my mother-in-law picked up one of my boys, he was out like a light. Funny.

  7. LyricB said

    That reminds me of one time when my mom came to visit and my daughter (who was around 5 months at the time) promptly fell asleep in her arms. It was something my daughter hardly ever did for me, and something I had longed for too, so yeah I was jealous. You’re right; grandmas just have something special about them.

  8. FourBear said

    I think that you could keep this “grandma magic” in mind for when Emily is especially fussy around bedtime (if she ever is, she seems like such an angel!) 😉

  9. Funnily enough, Emily’s other grandma (my own mother), who looks after her on Fridays, has told me that she never falls asleep in any of her armchairs either! Must be something special about that particular chair……

    And yes FourBear, she is very good – most of the time, at least…..:-)

  10. Stephanie2377 said

    I agree with everyone else… “Grandma Magic” is definitely very real. Babies always do different for others (little gooses!) When with you, Emily just wants to stay up and savor ever single moment!
    I wonder if you moved the chair to your own house… would it have the same magic? 🙂

  11. katharina said

    That is very interesting that it’s just the one grandma’s chair that lures Emily to sleep! Is one house quieter than the other perhaps? Or maybe something in your own mother’s house that Emily has to stay awake to watch like a pet?

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