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Taking Sides

Posted by Caroline on January 4, 2007

In recent weeks, Emily has started waking up again at night, and I was at a loss as to what the problem was. Initially I thought it was teething, then hunger – and indeed, having addressed both of these issues (having the teething gel ready and ensuring she eats like a horse at dinnertime, which is of course sometimes easier said than done), things did improve considerably.

The exception to this was New Year’s Eve, when she woke up just before midnight, and after due consideration was brought into the other room to see in 2007 with us and our friends. It was rather lovely for us but Emily looked somewhat bemused by it all – especially the procession of people letting off celebratory party poppers on our balcony.

Since then, she’s been waking up once a night, whinging for a bit and then resettling almost straight away – but since she didn’t seem hungry and her teeth didn’t appear to be bothering her, I was baffled as to the cause.

And then I realised what the matter was. After months of sleeping on her back, simply because she was incapable of manoeuvring herself into any other position, she has recently been taking advantage of her new-found mobility and rolling on to her side at night.

In fact there have even been times when I’ve looked in on her, to discover her fast asleep, lying right up against the side of the cot, and gripping on to the top of it with her hand. It doesn’t look terribly comfortable, but she seems to like it.

However, I am convinced that when she eventually rolls – or rather falls – on to her back, the impact is causing her to wake up. And she is not happy about it. Of course, I daresay it’ll only be a matter of time before she gets the hang of simply rolling over and nodding off again – but finding her in all manner of odd positions in the cot is something which will take a lot more getting used to.

15 Responses to “Taking Sides”

  1. katharina said

    I think it sounds like an issue that should soon resolve itself, yes. When she can move around better, she’ll find a comfortable position. On the other matter, I had to smile when I saw that she woke up right before midnight! Emily wasn’t about to let her first New Year’s Eve go by without helping to ring it in! 🙂

  2. eldragon said

    Wow – I never thought rolling over would wake a baby up. Is she that light of a sleeper, do you think? If so, maybe after she becomes more physically active, walking, etc., she’ll be more tired.

  3. FourBear said

    Aww, that sounds so cute! I can’t even imagine the strange poses Emily must get herself into while sleeping. Then again, my brother used to fall asleep with his head on the floor, and his rear end sticking up in the air!

  4. LyricB said

    I had similar issues with my babies, and with my first one I would leap out of bed and run to comfort her. By the time my second rolled around I was too dang tired and let him figure it out for himself. Consequently, he’s a much better sleeper now than his older sister.

  5. tater03 said

    I went through this same thing. I finally learned to just let my son cry and after a few minutes he would just fall back asleep. You do begin to wonder though when they are sleeping through the night and all of a sudden the start waking up.

  6. Melanie said

    I think this is just a normal part of growing up, and doesn’t have to have a particular reason. Lots of babies don’t sleep through the night forever after sleeping through the night for a while.

  7. LyricB said

    Good point, Melanie. I have found that my kids kind of go in phases. For a while they will sleep like champs and then for no reason they start sleeping very poorly.

  8. FourBear said

    Hopefully Emily will return to more uninterrupted slumbers shortly. 🙂 As you say, it will probably only be a matter of time before her movements stop startling her.

  9. eldragon said

    I never let my baby cry. She would get so upset, she’d throw up in her crib, and that certainly didn’t help anything. I decided early on to let my baby sleep with me, and it was so much easier, because I was nursing. She is 9 now and sometimes still sleeps with me. We have a wonderful, close bond and I have no regrets.

  10. Stephanie2377 said

    My son started waking like that when he was rolling over in his sleep. I think it is still a fairly new sensation, and they certainly aren’t used to moving like that in their sleep! I am betting Emily will figure it out quickly.
    My son would fuss a bit, but by the time I got in his room, he was back asleep. So, I just let him figure it out, and all was well.
    I’m betting Emily will be back to that wonderful solid sleep very soon.

  11. Melos said

    We actually co-slept like elddragon said as well. At least I didn’t have to stumble around in the dark to find a fussing baby 😉

  12. katharina said

    It’s been almost three weeks since this entry. Is Emily sleeping better again? And did you conclude if it was teething or just the way she was rolling around that was waking her?

  13. She’s been much better the past few nights – fingers crossed she is getting used to her new sleeping positions!

  14. Melos said

    That’s wonderful. She’s getting used to the amazing fact that she can move herself around in all sorts of new positions.

  15. katharina said

    I hope the better sleeping routine is continuing. That cold (or teething) she just had may have messed up that routine for a little while, though, I know.

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