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Saying Hi To The High Chair

Posted by DINRIL on January 2, 2007

Now, shall I eat this or throw it on the floor?This weekend we finally got around to assembling Emily’s high chair, after feeding her on my lap was becoming increasingly impossible. While it might have been fun when we first started weaning, we soon realised that trying to spoon food into the mouth of a baby who is liable to roll over on to your lap mid-meal and smear her sweet potato covered hands all over your living-room curtains represents something of a challenge.

The chair in question is a cheap n’cheerful number from Ikea – we had the option of buying a more expensive model but we figured that this one would do the job just as well – and we can always change it at a later date if we want something a bit more fancy.

So on Saturday morning we popped Emily on the floor next to us so she could watch what we were doing, unwrapped the unassembled bits of chair and set about putting it together – something which proved surprisingly easy, given that we have in the past taken hours, nay days, to put together self-assembly items from the Swedish furniture giant.

And Emily’s reaction? Well bemusement initially, followed by her usual level of acceptance (“OK, so I’m going to sit in this chair to eat my dinner now…..”) but it’s certainly made the whole process of feeding and eating a lot easier for both of us. Well, some of the time at least.

I had reckoned on her flinging food all over the place (and in fact she came within seconds the other day of dumping her whole plate face down on the carpet) and banging her food tray, but trying to attract her attention was something I didn’t predict.

Sometimes she just stares glassy-eyed at the TV while she is being fed, presumably getting in some practice for future TV dinners, other times she just turns her head completely and has a good look at what’s going on behind her. And yesterday dinner came to a crashing halt when she lost interest midway through dessert and decided instead to gnaw on the side of the chair. For about half an hour. Go figure.


9 Responses to “Saying Hi To The High Chair”

  1. tater03 said

    We waited also to use our highchair. Wait until you turn around and she dumps the whole plate on her head. I say have a camera handy just for this moment. It is priceless.

  2. FourBear said

    You are *extremely* lucky that your highchair was easy to assemble! I remember helping my friends try to assemble theirs, and it was a nightmare. Hmm, I wonder what a plastic high chair tray tastes like…? Hehe.

  3. eldragon said

    I would say you were wise to get an inexpensive highchair. I’ve never known a baby to sit in one voluntarily, but then again, neither of my girls liked to eat, either. I bought highchairs for both girls, but we rarely used them. I think my youngest preferred eating in her swing.

  4. katharina said

    I’m with Tater03… I have seen some totally adorable pictures of a bowl of food over a baby’s head. 🙂 Spaghetti works best, but don’t let Emily read this, it will give her ideas! Hmmm, what *was* in my daughter’s bowl for the photo I have… I think it was ice cream!

  5. LyricB said

    I’m impressed that you ever tried to feed her on your lap. I don’t think I did that with either one of my kids except when out and about and with no other choice.

  6. FourBear said

    Just think about how quickly the time will come when you’ll be looking at getting Emily a booster seat so she can join you at the table for meals. That will be a milestone, for sure!

  7. Melanie said

    I never had a high chair for my guys. We fed them in their bouncy seat or an exersaucer (not while tippable!) It sounds like she really took to hers though!

  8. Stephanie2377 said

    Wow… little Emily in a high chair! She sure is growing up. High chairs *do* end up being the scene of some humorous (and messy) events. I do recommend having that camera handy.
    Sounds like you found the chair that works best for you. The time in the highchair often ends up being short, especially if you put them into a booster after the age of 1 year.
    Can’t wait to hear more about Emily’s feeding episodes!

  9. katharina said

    You’re right about the camera. I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I now wish I had when my daughter was that age. I have a LOT but I think of many other times that I wish I’d had a camera with me.

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