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You Need Hands….

Posted by Caroline on December 31, 2006

Wow, where did these come from…….?Although Emily has been quietly fascinated with certain parts of her body for several weeks now (her knees, as I’ve mentioned before, have been particularly popular), she’s suddenly realised that there’s more to her than that.

She’s discovered that she has a tummy, for instance, and has taken to scratching it when she’s having her nappy changed or being dried after her bath (another reason why I was eventually driven to cut her nails). And recently, I’ve gone in to her room to get her up in the mornings and found her staring at her hands in abject wonder, as if she can’t quite work out what they’re for.

In the last couple of days, she has also realised that she has feet. What’s more, she’s also realised that feet taste quite nice when pulled into one’s mouth. It always amazes me how babies are able to do this, since it requires a kind of dexterity and bendiness that us adults just don’t seem to possess. My mother has pointed out that she is only just realising her limbs are part of her, hence the reason she is so captivated by them.

The most entertaining moment, however, came when she discovered that she had hair. We were in the middle of the supermarket, when she suddenly started stroking the side of her head, with a very bemused expression on her face. And she kept on doing it all the way to the checkout.

Of course the fact she can’t actually see her hair, whereas she can see her hands and feet, must have confused her even more. Which leaves me wondering just how she’ll react when a tooth finally makes its appearance.

6 Responses to “You Need Hands….”

  1. eldragon said

    I’ll bet her hair does feel neat! She looks like my daughter, Nina, who didn’t have any hair on her little head until she was almost a year old! It was imperative that Nina wear little girls clothing, so that everyone knew she was a girl.

  2. tater03 said

    It’s funny you mention this because just last night I was holding my niece and she has alson just dicovered her hands. She had that look of amazement on her face when she would see them.

  3. katharina said

    That’s a great new picture of Emily looking at her hand. 🙂 Yes, the whole world is opening up to her now… so many new things to discover!

  4. FourBear said

    I think it is the cutest when a baby discovers her feet! Their flexibility amazes me. That is an adorable picture of Emily, you can see the awe in her face.

  5. Melanie said

    They sure are flexible! I’m glad they grow out of the ability to put their feet in their mouth though! And I’m glad she doesn’t pull her hair and just strokes it.

  6. katharina said

    It was always a mystery to me about how anyone, even a wee baby, could actually get that little foot *to* the mouth in the first place!

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