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Nailing It

Posted by Caroline on December 29, 2006

After weeks and weeks of putting it off, I finally gave in yesterday and cut Emily’s fingernails. I wasn’t planning to do it then and there, but she had started scratching the sofa in the manner of an over-enthusiastic cat and we decided something had to be done.

There are a number of reasons I’ve actually been procrastinating on the fingernail front – not only was I a bit scared of accidentally clipping one of her fingers instead of its nail, but also the mere prospect of trying to keep a wriggly baby’s hands still for long enough to cut even one nail, let alone a whole hand’s worth, was a daunting one. The one time I did sneakily bring out the clippers, I managed to get about two done before she realised what I was doing and screamed the place down.

And sure enough, the first two proved surprisingly easy – but the older, wiser Emily simply didn’t bother with screaming once she realised what was going on. Instead she just moved her hand out of the way – and as soon as I held it once again, so she moved it again. I tried giving her a toy to distract her, but she simply held it in such a way that it proved impossible to reach her hand. And sure enough when I did, she slid it away once more.

This went on for several minutes until I finally fooled her into thinking I simply wanted to hold her hand in an affectionate way – and pounced with lightning speed once she finally gave her hand to me, before she could cotton on and whisk it away again. I managed eight nails before I eventually gave up, figuring she couldn’t do much damage with two freakishly long ones.

Still, it’s a relief that it’s finally done. Perhaps next I’ll give her toenails a go.

8 Responses to “Nailing It”

  1. tater03 said

    You are right on this, it is almost an art form to get this done. But they do need to be done. My husband was the one that always did this for me.

  2. eldragon said

    Ah the trials of motherhood. These little things are soon forgotten. One day she’ll be bothering your nail polish and file.

  3. Melanie said

    I always clipped my babies fingernails while they were asleep. They were none the wiser, and it saved a lot of trouble.

  4. LyricB said

    My husband and I had a deal…I would change diapers in public restrooms and he would clip fingernails. On the few occasions when I have had to do it, I always clipped while my baby was nursing. They don’t even notice.

  5. katharina said

    I sure wish I’d read these tips before my daughter was no longer a baby! While the baby is asleep… never once thought of that, but I like it! 🙂

    Like you, Caroline, I was terrified that she’d jerk a hand and I’d cut her skin. I procrastinated, too. I was so happy when she was old enough to want to clip her own nails! 🙂

  6. FourBear said

    I’d be deathly afraid of nicking her skin, too! Congratulations on getting 8 fingernails done in one shot…that’s quite a feat.

  7. Melanie said

    Ugh… changing diapers in public restrooms – that is torturous for sure. I wouldn’t have made that deal!

  8. katharina said

    I was just wondering if you’ve tried to cut Emily’s nails again since you wrote this and if so, did she remember what it was from before and protest?

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