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Lost In Translation

Posted by DINRIL on December 18, 2006

If I’d known what was going to happen today I wouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed this morning……Ever since she was newborn., my husband has said he can’t wait for Emily to start talking. Given how chatty both her parents are, I have said that once she does start talking she probably won’t stop, but nonetheless waiting for that all-important first word is exciting.

For some time now, though, she has been given to making random sounds as if she is trying to have a conversation – although she hasn’t quite reached the level of babble yet, she still chatters away very insistently and enthusiastically, almost as if she believes she is making perfect sense.

What’s more, she’ll seize every opportunity to exercise her vocal cords – whether it’s over the phone, sitting in the car, rolling around on her playmat or lying in her cot at 5am (I’m particularly fond of that one, as you might imagine).

When she does this, it’s very tempting to try and work out what exactly she is trying to tell us – assuming she is actually talking to one of us at the time (for she does have a tendency to happily chatter away to herself as though she thinks no-one else is listening).

Normally I have no clue, but today I think I may have cracked it. This afternoon she had her second pneumococcal jab – and since the weighing clinic operates at the surgery on a Monday, we took her to be weighed first. Having been scared by the lady who runs the clinic, she screamed her way through the weigh-in, and no sooner had she calmed down from that than it was time for her jab, which of course brought more screaming – albeit briefly.

Afterwards, in the car, she started chattering away incessantly, and I’m convinced that what she said was, “Firstly you take all my clothes off and put me on a cold metal weighing scale, then you take me into another room and stick big needles in my thigh. I don’t know about you, but my afternoon has been rubbish…..”

I may of course be entirely wrong. But that’s what it sounded like.


8 Responses to “Lost In Translation”

  1. tater03 said

    Both of my sons first words were DADA. One thing I will tell you is that once they start talking forget having a conversation on the phone. My two are still good for as soon as I pick up the phone it is time to ask or try to have a conversation with me.

  2. eldragon said

    That is about the cutest picture I’ve ever seen! Tiny Emily!

  3. katharina said

    Yes, I think you’re right, that’s what she must have been saying after the clinic visit. 🙂 I always enjoy looking for new pictures at the side of your blog. You have such great pictures! I see Emily is maturing into an adorable “little girl” look from the adorable “baby” look more by the month.

  4. Melanie said

    Oh boy – what an afternoon. I bet she was complaining about it! Complaining – kids do an awful lot of that after they start talking to be sure!

  5. Stephanie2377 said

    I have no doubt that she was telling you *all* about her day. I love it when babies start having their sounds in conversation form. They just have so much to comment on!! Just wait until she says her first word… I can’t wait to hear what it is! (my son first said “DaDa”). Lovely. 🙂

  6. FourBear said

    Aw, poor Emily! It does sound like a rough day. It also learns like you have learned a new language: baby-ese. Soon enough you will be hearing her complain with real words 😉

  7. eldragon said

    I’ll bet you’re right on. If it’s any consolation, I’ve had to get my immunizations all over again (because I do not have my original shot records and I’m going back to college in a health field) and they do not hurt even a little bit.

  8. LyricB said

    My son is at the age where he can say a few words but when he gets really excited he start babbling in a conversational tone. So incredibly cute, yet I wish I knew what he was saying!

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