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The Joy Of Food

Posted by Caroline on December 17, 2006

Mmmmmm, carrots!In recent weeks Emily hasn’t been the most forthcoming baby when it comes to food. Perhaps her teething has had something to do with it but meal times have been greeted with, at best, indifference, at worst, a complete refusal even to sample my delicious mashed carrots or pureed pear.

This weekend, however, that all changed, when she suddenly and unexpectedly turned into an eating machine of the ‘I will consume anything you offer me which isn’t nailed down’ variety.

Over the past couple of days she has not only enthusiastically approached her food, but polished off the lot in about ten minutes flat and taken more when it was offered. The result has been rather like watching Homer Simpson feasting on a box of donuts, and every bit as entertaining.

Avocado and banana definitely seems to be her favourite at the moment, but porridge and blueberries have also gone down well over the weekend, and carrot and sweetcorn puree was equally well received. And then for afters, she has taken to munching on her napkin, her bib or anything else within chewing distance. I could of course turn these into something more palatable for her, although I’m not entirely sure that mashed serviette would go down too well.

7 Responses to “The Joy Of Food”

  1. tater03 said

    Glad to hear she is eating better for you. But I can tell you that sometimes when they are teething they don’t eat as much. Hopefully she will cut those teeth here for you soon.

  2. FourBear said

    Heh, I think Emily is eating better than I do! At least you are giving her very healthful foods to fulfill her appetite. It looks like she will have a pretty sophisticated palate later on in life 😉

  3. katharina said

    Reading all this made me hungry! I’m glad to hear that Emily is starting to eat better again. Watching a baby learn to enjoy food is always a fun time (not so much fun when it ends up in the feeder’s hair, though!) 🙂

  4. Stephanie2377 said

    Teething can definitely make babies less than enthusiastic for mealtime. I am so excited for you that Emily wanted to eat so much! That is a great variety of food, too, that she wanted. It is so much fun when they start really getting into eating. It is such a milestone. Have fun!

  5. LyricB said

    I tried so hard to get my Little Ones to enjoy avocado because I heard it’s great for them, but neither of them liked it at all.

  6. Melanie said

    She must have a spurt in growth coming on. I bet it was the teething pain that made her resistant to eating for a while. Good thing her appetite is back.

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