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Still Toothless After All These Months!

Posted by DINRIL on December 12, 2006

Nope, no teeth yet….!Over the past few days, we’ve been seeing what could be interpreted as more signs of teething in Emily. Given that she is now six months old, these come as no surprise, but it has occurred to me that I could of course be completely misinterpreting her symptoms.

Recently she’s been fussing over her bottles and turning her head away from her food (despite my efforts to tempt her by dishing up her favourites). Which could of course mean her gums are hurting but could also mean she needs to move up a teat size on the bottle – or simply isn’t hungry.

She’s been chewing on anything in sight – but this could be put down to babyish curiosity. And she’s been sucking in her lower lip as though her gums were tender, and has complained whenever we’ve tried to wipe her mouth after a feed, as if it hurts. And lately she has been dribbling for England.

All of these, however, could be explained away in other ways, and aren’t necessarily related to teeth.

Perhaps she really is teething (and to be honest, she probably has been for months), but in a way maybe I’m just so excited at the thought of her first tooth appearing that I’m interpreting every little thing as an excuse to run for the teething gel and start shopping for little toothbrushes.

Yet every morning when she wakes up, she is still toothless – and I’m fully aware she could remain so for months yet. I guess I’ll just have to carry on waiting.


8 Responses to “Still Toothless After All These Months!”

  1. FourBear said

    To me, it sounds like all those factors combined do indeed indicate teething 🙂 Of course, a tooth doesn’t just pop up overnight, it is a gradual process. You will start to see points in the gums where the teeth are slowly rising. I say go ahead and indulge in those teeny toothbrushes…you’ll need them soon enough either way!

  2. katharina said

    Yes, I’ll bet that the little sweetie will soon have those sharp little points appearing through her gums. (Ugh, that sounds horrid, doesn’t it?!) You’ll get some great pictures after that happens… good thing she enjoys posing! 🙂

  3. eldragon said

    Emily is growing like a weed! I don’t recall my children having much trouble with their baby teeth coming in, but I’ve heard of babies who cry and fuss over it. Can you feel a tiny tooth just under the surface of her gums?

  4. Stephanie2377 said

    It does sound to me as though she has some teeth that are working their way up! The drooling, fussiness and constant chewing of everything in sight are good indicators. My son did this for almost 2 months before two tiny teeth finally poked through when he was 7 months old. It is SO exciting when those tiny pieces finally break the surface. Emily is such a great smiler.. I’m betting you’ll get some fantastic photos!

  5. Melanie said

    They sure do sound like the classic signs of an impending tooth. We never went through all that. One day, no teeth, the next day the two bottom ones had broken through. She’ll get there!

  6. FourBear said

    Just thought of something that you may find useful. If Emily gets particularly cranky, you could let her chew on a damp washcloth. I believe my mother used to freeze them slightly…not rock solid, but so they were cool and had some extra soothing power.

  7. LyricB said

    My son’s first tooth popped out at 3 months old…I totally wasn’t expecting it and was completely surprised.

  8. tater03 said

    I would also have to say she is teething. She has all the classic signs. When my sons teethed the would also wake up more at night. With my oldes that was the first indicater that a tooth was coming in. It happened with every tooth. I was so glad when he finally got all his teeth.

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