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A Question Of Size

Posted by Caroline on December 9, 2006

Aren’t I a bit old for these jeans……?One of the first things I learned about buying clothes for babies is that like grown-up clothes, size seems to vary from shop to shop – and that you shouldn’t necessarily believe what the label tells you.

What this means is that Emily, now aged six months, is currently wearing outfits aimed at both younger and older babies – for example, she fits very comfortably into 4-6month dresses and tops from H&M but trousers in the same category are still miles too long for her (in fact, her 2-4 month H&M jeans still fit her very nicely indeed).

At Monsoon she once again has no trouble with the dresses and tops for her age group – but their 3-6 month jeans presented a bit more of a challenge. For weeks now, I have been attempting to dress her in a pair, only to discover they not only covered her legs quite nicely but also her feet and much of the changing mat, once she had them on.

As time passed the length seemed to gradually get shorter and shorter, as the waistband became more and more snug. Eventually, this week, I gave in and dressed her in them anyway – albeit with turned up legs – otherwise she might have outgrown them before she was tall enough to wear them.

Benetton, by contrast, offers clothes in size 0-6 months, half of which were filled to capacity before she reached that all important age, while Mothercare’s 0-3 month range seemed to continue to fit her even after she was four months.

Full marks, however, to Tchibo and Next for their accuracy. Recently I dressed Emily in a top and trouser two-piece outfit from the former that was for 6-12 months, while a few days later she wore a 6-9 month skirt from the latter. And both of them fit perfectly. Which has left me even more confused as to what size she actually is.

6 Responses to “A Question Of Size”

  1. LyricB said

    Holey moley, this is so true! The first time I walked into The Children’s Place I marched up to the counter and asked them if the sizes were reliable or if they ran big or small…the girl at the counter looked at me like I was insane so she must not have been a mom.

  2. Stephanie2377 said

    Oh, this drives me crazy! I am still trying to figure out which clothing designers fit my son best. Right now, he has jeans size 12-18mo that fit well, pants size 18-24mo that fit well, and pants size 2T that fit well (from three different makers). It is CRAZY! I have many clothes that my son barely wore becuase the sizes weren’t correct when I bought them. I am learning that some places have clothes that run really small.
    I don’t think it is fair! Children’s clothes makers should be forced to be universal with their sizing!
    I am glad you are finding clothing that Emily fits well in! You will find over time that you stick with the same lines because you know they will fit perfectly.

  3. FourBear said

    Oof, I thought that babies would be exempt from the varying size rule! I guess I was wrong. What makes the situation even more difficult is the fact that babies grow so quickly…if you forget about an outfit for a period of time, it might not even fit them anymore. It’s great that you’ve found two brands with reliable sizing, though.

  4. Melanie said

    My favorite story of the variations in sizes was a pair of nice olive green shorts I bought for my son when he was 1 year old. They were a size 18 months. Well, they were too big. The next summer when he was 2, they fit fine. The funniest thing was that they continued to fit just fine until he was 4!

  5. eldragon said

    It works just as well for adult clothing, too! But staying on topic – Limited Too is a girls boutique in the US. It caters to girls ages 4 – 18 XXXL. The sizes are so off – a 6 year old girl could NEVER fit into a size 6 clothing. They are more like for a four year old girl. It is certainly maddening learning each shops sizing methods.

  6. katharina said

    The only size that actually fit my daughter pretty well was the “preemie” size when she was first born at 4 lb. 13 oz. Only a few places sold preemie size, though… they were a bit large, but people were suggesting I buy doll clothes. 🙂 I looked into that, but they weren’t comfortable and had scratchy elastic, etc. After that point, the sizes were always a mystery and different from another manufacturer.

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