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Another Fine Excuse For A Photo

Posted by DINRIL on December 2, 2006

Chinese Emily?Today we went to a Barmitzvah, which marked Emily’s first visit to a synagogue since the Jewish holidays in the autumn.

Once again this meant the chance to dress her up in a fancy frock, and this time we went for a Chinese theme – as you can see from today’s picture….


7 Responses to “Another Fine Excuse For A Photo”

  1. eldragon said

    Very nice! I can’t help but to admire your beautiful rug, too!

  2. Starlily said

    I love it! Very cute… How did she like the Barmitzvah?

  3. The rug is actually my mother-in-law’s, Eldragon. The photo was taken at her place after we’d been to synagogue. But yes, it is lovely. And she had a great time at the Barmitzvah – was very well behaved in synagogue and enjoyed all the attention afterwards……:-)

  4. Melanie said

    That is an adorable dress! And a nice rug too 🙂
    It’s wonderful that Emily is so well-behaved when at a new(ish) place. Nothing’s worse than a screaming baby all through an event.

  5. katharina said

    Lovely! And I see that Emily’s in that “strike pose, time for a picture” frame of mind again. I do believe you might have a little super model on your hands there. 🙂

  6. tater03 said

    She looks just so adorable. I love that dress. So glad to hear that she was good for you with the crying. I always worried that my child would scream and cry when we were at a family function. Not that anyone would have really cared but I was always glad when it was over and everything went fine.

  7. Stephanie2377 said

    Emily looks so lovely in that dress! The color looks wonderful on her with her dark hair.
    Sounds like she had a great time at synagogue. I was always so nervous to bring my son places when he was that age. I never knew when he would throw a crying fit!
    It is great that Emily seems to love the attention. Can she be quite the social butterfly?

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