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Me And My Mat

Posted by Caroline on November 30, 2006

Is this banana real……?Emily has a new playmat. After weeks of kicking about on the cute pink mat she was given a few months back, she now has a brightly-coloured mat featuring cartoon jungle animals, and all sorts of different textures and bits to feel and chew.

The idea behind the new mat was to have one for my mother-in-law’s place – she is going to look after her for two days a week when I return to work next week – and we figured it would be nice for her to have something interesting to play on other than the rug. However, she loves the new playmat so much – as do we – that we’re now thinking of leaving it here and taking the old one instead.

We were pretty lucky to find it, though, since it seems to have become remarkably difficult to buy a playmat all of a sudden. We loved the pink one that she was bought as a present (at her welcome party back in August) and would happily have bought another one – if we could have found it. A shopping trip yesterday saw us tramping through the children’s departments of John Lewis and Fenwick – as well as Early Learning Centre and Mothercare – only to draw a complete blank.

Eventually we found the mat – which was made by Chicco – in Babies R Us, which at least had a choice of more than one, and where a playmat didn’t require us to part with a sum of cash that would necessitate a second mortgage. But am a little confused as to why it’s such a difficult thing to find. Do people not make them any more? Or are they just not that popular?

8 Responses to “Me And My Mat”

  1. tater03 said

    I think I might have had this exact same one and my son loved it? Did you maybe try the internet. I seem to have more luck finding things there when they are hard to find? She really looks like she is enjoying the mat.

  2. eldragon said

    Are you dreading going back to work and leaving your baby? It often feels different than you think. When you’re pregnant, you can’t imagine being off of work, but when you meet your little baby, your priorities change and you can’t imagine being away from them!

  3. katharina said

    That is a very nice playmat! I’ll bet she loves the colors and brightness. I agree with the other poster and often I find things to order on the net that I can’t find in local stores.

  4. Melanie said

    Another sign of growing up – from baby pink play mat to jungle animals! 🙂 I third the motion of shopping online for what you want. Saves a lot of time and gas money.

  5. tater03 said

    Just wanted to stop and say I will be thinking of you when you go back to work. I remember how hard this was for me. Wish life was so much more simplier for us Moms.

  6. Starlily said

    Going back to work was definitely a difficult process for me too. How wonderful that ‘Gramma’ is able to help you watch Emily! She looks so happy and content with her new playmat…

  7. Melanie said

    I am glad that I did not have to go back to work. I don’t think I could’ve done it. I’m self-employed, so I pretty much worked at home all but the three days I was in the hospital actually giving birth.

  8. Stephanie2377 said

    Emily’s playmat looks as though it is so much fun! I am glad you found one that is affordable and colorful. The one we got is by Tiny Love. I’m not sure why you had a tough time finding one. I think they are still popular.
    I think it would be a good idea to bring the older one to your MIL’s house since that is the one that Emily knows the best. That will help in her transition to the new place she will stay a couple of days a week.

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