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Roll With It

Posted by Caroline on November 28, 2006

Yay! Rolling is fun, Mummy……As I’ve reported on the blog in the past, Emily has discovered how to roll – but it’s only in the past few days that she’s started doing it on a regular basis. The first few times she rolled slowly and tentatively, staying on her side for a while before taking the plunge, but now she goes from back to front in seconds – which might be very exciting for her, but has of course left me mildly terrified.

I first realised she was determined to practise her new-found skill as much as possible when I put her on her playmat, on her back, while we were having our lunch the other day. During the course of lunch she rolled on to her front. Five times, to be precise. Eventually she decided she didn’t really want to be on her front and started whimpering, so I rolled her back, only for her to roll over once again. The fifth time, she did it so quickly that I took my eyes off her for all of thirty seconds only for her to roll once more.

All of which has made me realise that leaving her to her own devices on the playmat may no longer be an option. I’m slowly getting used to the fact that when I put her on her back under her baby gym, there’s no guarantee she’ll still be on her back half a minute later.

She’s also taken to trying out her rolling in other parts of the flat – on the bed, for example (where she managed to roll from back to front and on to her back again the other day), and on the changing table – which of course is great fun when I’m trying to actually change her nappy.

The one place she has yet to practise – and probably because we put her in a sleeping bag at night, thus leaving little room for manoeuvre – is in her cot. And given the fact that she’d probably wake herself up doing it, that’s probably a good thing.

6 Responses to “Roll With It”

  1. tater03 said

    Well now you have hit the first stage of mobility. My oldest used to do this to get from one thing to another until he learned how to crawl. It was actually kind of funny.

  2. katharina said

    Yes, you will definitely soon be crawling on the floor at baby-level to babyproof the flat. 🙂 Babies on the move are fun, but they sure need more supervision than they needed previously!

  3. Melanie said

    Time to build a little fence around her play mat! Soon she will be log rolling all around the house to get from room to room.

  4. eldragon said

    It’s always a moment of awakening when new parents and caretakers notice that that little bundle of joy is now mobile! New rules!

  5. Starlily said

    It sounds like she’s getting lots of exercise 😉 I love your phrasing ‘mildly terrified’! 🙂 How appropriate!

  6. Stephanie2377 said

    Oh, how fun! She has discovered how to get from spot A to spot B. I just think it is so exciting to watch babies discover new talents. Once she starts rolling over at night, expect her to wake up crying for a couple of night until she either gets used to sleeping on her tummy or manages to roll herself back over to her back again. Enjoy this new developmental stage!!!

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