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The Most Photographed Baby

Posted by Caroline on November 27, 2006

More photos? Oh all right then, but I’m not smiling……!From the moment she was born, Emily has had time to get used to the glare of the camera. We started photographing her when she was just a few minutes old and since then we have gone on to take over two thousand photos between us.

Of course, part of this is made possible by the fact that we both have cameras on our mobile phones, making it easy to take pictures any time, anywhere. But it’s also down to the fact that we have such an incredibly photogenic baby – and one who, it seems, has gotten the hang of posing for shots.

She’s been known to pull faces, offer up a cute little baby pout and stick her tongue out at the camera, while occasionally she’ll try and grab it off me, creating a kind of ‘no photos please!’ effect with her arm partly obscuring her face.

The one thing we do have problems with, though, is getting her to smile for snaps. She’ll happily respond to Mummy and Daddy’s attempts to produce a grin, only for it to disappear as soon as the camera is produced.

Usually, it means one of us has to stand out of shot and do something silly to make her laugh, then take the picture really quickly before she changes her mind. On the picture above, for example, she was smiling and squealing beforehand, only to clam up once again the second the shutter went off.

Still, the smiley photos are great when they happen. But of course there is just one question in my mind: if we’ve taken over two thousand photos of her already, how many will we have taken by the time she’s 18? Enough to wallpaper our house, probably.

15 Responses to “The Most Photographed Baby”

  1. tater03 said

    Oh, yes you will be taking a ton more pictures. She is just so cute how could you not. I always said that you need one person to take a picture of the baby and another person taking a picture of the person in the backround that is trying to get a smile out of her.

  2. Melanie said

    Taking pictures tapers off a bit when they hit the “Mom, will you stop it?” years. 🙂 She is an adorable little baby! How can you not take so many pictures?

  3. eldragon said

    This is so familiar! We did the same thing when our daughter was born. She was the first (and only and all there ever will be) grandchild and neice in a small family – and boy, was she spoiled and pampered and photographed! We took constant videos, too, and we play them all day long on her birthday every year!

  4. katharina said

    Two thousand pictures so far… so about four thousand a year times 18 years…yes, you can wallpaper several homes! 🙂 But think of how pretty the walls will look!

  5. katharina said

    Have you been taking videos as well as photographs? Do you print all of your pictures out, or just keep them on the computer?

  6. tater03 said

    One thing looking back that we had started doing was we took a ton of our first son and then seemed to taper off with the second. Not on purpose it is just with the first you tend to take pictures of every new thing they do. My mom was the one who had mentioned one day about having done this with me and my brother and that as we got older my brother asked how come you have more pictures of sis than me? So now I am making sure that I get a lot of my youngest. I never want him to look back and say that to me. From what I have been told this happens a lot.

  7. Melanie said

    Oh yes it does Tater. I am the third child in my family and there the pictures of me total perhaps 10% of what they do for my older sisters. Keep taking pictures!

  8. Starlily said

    Yes, that happened to me too… LOTS of pics of the first! Emily’s so cute though… happy snapping 🙂

  9. eldragon said

    I should add that it’s my husband who takes the photos. I’m not good at it. I like to keep the memories in my mind, although I’ll admit I enjoy looking at old photos and watching videos, too.

  10. Starlily said

    My husband too!!! He enjoys the technicalities of photography, so normally I just throw the camera into his hands, but I organize, send and paste photos…

  11. eldragon said

    Not so with me. Most of our pictures are stil in boxes. I’m not the scrapbooking kind.

  12. Starlily said

    I’m not the scrapbooking kind either…this summer I bit the bullet, bought a bunch of albums, and went thru all the boxes…

  13. Stephanie2377 said

    One of our son’s first words was “cheese”… guess he was used to having his photo taken. 🙂 I bet you could wallpaper your entire house with all of the photos of Emily! At least you are recording every moment of her life for future generations to come. Just think of how much she will enjoy looking back at these one day. If you think what you have taken already is a truckload…. just wait. There are so many events to come! 🙂

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