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Independent Woman?

Posted by DINRIL on November 25, 2006

I can do it myself, Mummy….Although Emily is not even six months old yet, it seems she is already beginning to show signs of her independence. When she was smaller, she would stay on her playmat or in her bouncy chair for all of ten minutes before wanting to be picked up – but these days, I practically have to drag her away from her toys if something as trifling as dinnertime is looming.

In fact she is so fixated with her playthings that half the time she doesn’t even notice what my husband and myself are up to. Our washing machine, which has been acting up all week, leaked and flooded the kitchen today and we spent the best part of an hour draining it and mopping up the floor – yet Emily spent the entire time chewing on Laugh n’Learn Puppy, hitting her baby gym and generally remaining oblivious to the unfolding domestic crisis.

There have even been times, recently, when I’ve tried to join in with her play – only to (at best) be ignored or (at worst) fixed with a look that says, “Kindly leave me alone. I’m very busy at the moment.” It’s great of course that my little girl is learning to amuse herself – and it’s very handy in terms of my being able to get stuff done – but every so often I find myself thinking back to the days when she just wanted to be cuddled and held the whole time.

Meanwhile, she makes a huge effort every mealtime to grab the spoon off me and feed herself (she has now realised that in order for the food to be eaten she has to actually open her mouth and put it inside, rather than just smear it on her face and my sleeve), and the other day she held a bottle of water and drank from it very neatly.

At this rate, she will be looking after herself completely before we know it. Whatever next, a job and her own apartment?


7 Responses to “Independent Woman?”

  1. Starlily said

    My daughter is also very independent…I don’t know if it’s the gender…in a few years Emily will be insisting on doing everything by herself, and annoyed with you because you won’t let her drive! Challenging, but fun 🙂

  2. Melanie said

    I know its bittersweet, but it really is a great thing that she is so able to entertain herself like that. Imagine how tough it would be to mop up the kitchen floor while lugging a baby around at the same time 🙂

  3. eldragon said

    If you are bummed out that Emily is almost 6 mnoths, imagine how you’ll feel when she’s ten! It gets worse! Luckily for me my baby (age 10) still loves to cuddle.

  4. tater03 said

    Yes, I hate to say it but it does get worse. My youngest who is five just the other day told me I was not allowed to give him a kiss when I drop him off at preschool. I wanted to grab and yell you are to young to already not want to kiss you mom in front of your friends.

  5. katharina said

    That’s so great that Emily will amuse herself like that! I was always lucky that way, too, but I know some kids who’d scream for attention the minute others start doing something else. Sorry to hear about that washer!

  6. Melanie said

    I had one of each – a self-entertainer and a screamer for attention. I had to have my eldest surgically removed from my hip when he was two… lot of screaming involved.

  7. Stephanie2377 said

    How wonderful that Emily is able to entertain herself so well like that! I know it brings back pangs of when your baby wanted you constantly, though.
    Don’t fear… odds are, when Emily passes the age of 1, she will be once again wanting you all the time. Only, then she’ll be able to hang on your legs and cry “Mommeeeee” over and over again. (as my toddler does right now!) Yet, if I try to do something for him, he fusses at me because he wants to do it by himself. Toddlers!
    Independence is a wonderful thing, and throughout those early years, it ebbs and flows. Enjoy those moments when she is happily amusing herself. Pretty soon, she’ll be taking off!

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