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What Emily Did Next

Posted by Caroline on November 23, 2006

And I can hold my head up too……!At the moment I am currently startled by Emily’s rate of progress and development – it seems that every day brings a fresh surprise in terms of her new skills and abilities.

For starters, she has now learned to roll from her back to her front (although like front to back rolling, she can’t be bothered most of the time and only does it when she feels like it, which isn’t very often), and reaches out for toys when she is lying on her playmat (whether by her side or above her head).

Her social skills, meanwhile, are coming on a treat – she is very fond of giggling and shrieking, and has taken to holding out a hand to anybody who might take a passing interest in her. She also appears to think that scratching Mummy is a really fun way of making her presence known (and I have the cut on my chin as proof – it really is time we cut her nails).

It’s her mobility that is currently impressing me the most, however. On Sunday, having given her her breakfast I popped her on her playmat and went into her room to sort out her laundry and bag up another load of clothes that are now too small for her (cue more misty-eyed nostalgia etc.). She is now at the age where she can entertain herself on her playmat with her toys (and woe betide anybody who tries to join in) and besides, my husband was in the room sitting on the sofa, and I was certain he would keep half an eye on her while he was doing his work.

About half an hour later I went in to check on her and discovered that she had somehow managed to move herself round 90 degrees on the mat, so instead of lying with her head facing the window she was now lying with her head facing the sofa where my husband was sitting. I asked him how she had achieved this, but he said he hadn’t even noticed she had moved.

I duly returned to my clothes pile, and he picked her up and popped her on the sofa next to him. When I was finished, I returned to the room once again. This time I found her sitting up unaided, with only one arm propped against the back of the sofa for support. When I asked my husband how she had managed this, he said he hadn’t even noticed what she was doing….

So now it appears that little girl is on the move, after a fashion. Although I appear to be the only member of the household who has actually witnessed it.

4 Responses to “What Emily Did Next”

  1. Starlily said

    Wow! That’s amazing… from your posts, I can almost visualize her just growing, in fast forward…This is such a precious beautiful stage…(before the next beautiful stage of toddlerhood)…really sweet…

  2. katharina said

    Before you know it, she’ll be all over the house. I think sometimes it’s better if we *don’t* know how they do some of those things! 🙂

  3. tater03 said

    Yes, I would agree you will have a lot of these moments where you sit and think how in the world did show do that. They grow up just way to fast.

  4. Melanie said

    Uh-oh! No more time on the couch. With movement comes falling! It is amazing how they seem to sneak around when they are little… like glaciers.

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