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Emily FM

Posted by DINRIL on November 23, 2006

Having reported yesterday how Emily’s skills were increasing by the day, we now have a new one to add to the list. I keep a small radio beside her changing table which is tuned in to my regular station, and I tend to have it playing quietly in the mornings when I’m dressing her.

This morning, however, she discovered that if she turned the round switch on the front of the radio, the volume turned right up to maximum. And then she realised that if she turned the switch in the other direction, it turned off completely. Cue several seconds of ear-splitting music while I tried to work out what the problem was, followed by several seconds of complete silence.

I have now come to the conclusion that my little girl is either frighteningly clever or she was just demonstrating her taste in music.


7 Responses to “Emily FM”

  1. Eldragon said

    Just wait until she starts changing stations on you! Then you’ll figure out what her musical tastes are!

  2. Starlily said

    Maybe she is destined for show biz 🙂 lol… but she does sound very co-ordinated and agile! You will really have your hands full…

  3. katharina said

    Ah, the beginnings of rock music blaring from her room and Mum trying to be heard with “Emily, PLEASE turn that down, I can’t hear myself think!” 🙂

  4. Melanie said

    I’m sure the blare of music suprises her too. Its neat that she knows to turn it right down again.

  5. Actually Katharina, my own taste in music leans towards the loud, so who knows, maybe in a few years time Emily will be asking me to turn it down……:-)

  6. katharina said

    Hehe Well that’s wonderful then! There won’t be a battle of the bands maybe! 🙂

  7. Stephanie2377 said

    That is great! Sounds like Emily is starting to show her opinion on music already! 🙂 You might end up battling over loud radio stations in the car… each trying to get their music louder!! 🙂

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