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Size Matters

Posted by DINRIL on November 17, 2006

I wear big nappies now, Mummy……A couple of weeks ago I reported that we had splashed out on two bargain boxes of Huggies from Costco. Unfortunately it now appears that we may have been a little hasty in our purchasing.

For following a handful of rather leaky nappies (this, apparently, is what happens when you start feeding your child solids), Emily has indeed gone up a nappy size. It seems I was somewhat optimistic in assuming she would spend a while in size three just because she fell within the target weight, for now it seems that size fours are a better fit.

I’m told Costco will swap them for the bigger size, which is good news since so far we’re doing a lot better with those – she’s happy and I definitely am since it means less sudden changes of clothes and a lot less dirty washing. But of course the nappies she is wearing now look huge in comparison to the ones she wore just after she was born.

In fact I found one of her newborn nappies sitting by the changing table earlier on, and it reminded me just how little she used to be. It’s hard to imagine now that she ever wore something so tiny but she was in them for several weeks and it seemed like a huge deal when she finally went up to the next size. At the time it was hard to imagine her ever fitting into the even larger sizes she wears now.

And as with everything else – her smaller clothes, her carrycot and everything else she has outgrown – I am already getting misty-eyed and nostalgic over her smaller nappies. Very odd to get sentimental over such a thing, but it’s just another sign that my little girl is growing up. And fast.


4 Responses to “Size Matters”

  1. Starlily said

    Yes, it’s funny that some diaper sizes seem to speed by while others last a little longer (same goes for shoes…) Good to know that Costco cooperated with exchanging the diapers for you…

  2. katharina said

    It’s not odd at all… I still have a specially-ordered preemie sized Pampers in my “baby memories” box. My daughter weighed 4 lb 13 oz and needed the teeny tiny special kind. I get misty every time I see that thing! 🙂

  3. Melanie said

    That’s what solid food will do to a baby 🙂 Would you believe that I have kept one of the newborn diapers of my sons… for nostalgia’s sake? A bit crazy, but I can’t imagine their tiny heineys were every THAT tiny.

  4. Eldragon said

    Both my girls were size small until they were potty-trained, so I never had to worry much about sizing. I’m sure this is a common problem, though, and Costco will exchange them for you.

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