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She Ain’t Heavy….She’s Our Daughter

Posted by DINRIL on November 13, 2006

I wouldn’t headbutt you Daddy….would I?When Emily was a 6lb newborn, it was common for her to fall asleep while lying on her daddy’s chest. This was an arrangement that suited us all – she found it comfortable (and comforting!) and he enjoyed her company, while it gave me the chance for a well-earned rest.

These days, Emily still gets to lie on Mummy and Daddy on a regular basis – only now she doesn’t fall asleep (preferring instead to indulge in a range of activities from dribbling on whichever parent she is lying on through to whacking them on the chin), and weighs considerably more – around 10lb more to be precise.

To be honest, I hadn’t realised her strength – or the effect her weight gain was having on it – until the other day when she accidentally headbutted my husband and almost succeeded in splitting his lip.

This brought home to me just how heavy she has become, especially in recent weeks. While she is of average weight for a baby her size, the effort of such tasks as lifting her up, carrying her down stairs and hoisting her on our shoulders is becoming greater and greater, and probably emphasises our own lack of fitness.

I’ve mentioned before how only a few months ago my husband could carry her around in one hand, and now even two hands doesn’t seem enough. He also used to be able to rock her sitting down, now he has to stand up to do it – simply because she is so much bigger.

However, I have pointed out to him to enjoy her portability while it lasts. If we think she weighs a lot now, wait until a couple of years time when she is even larger, and throws herself at us, shouting, “Put me on your shoulder Daddy!” Then perhaps the weight she is now will seem positively light by comparison.

4 Responses to “She Ain’t Heavy….She’s Our Daughter”

  1. katharina said

    OUCH! When I read about that headbutt, I suddenly had a very vivid memory about how that feels. There was a time or two that I thought I’d lose a tooth. 🙂

  2. Eldragon said

    Yes, lugging a baby and all of her things gets harder to do as they grow. Diaper bags, strollers, etc., plus baby, and especially if she is in a carrier or car seat!

  3. tater03 said

    I would agree lugging all that around plus a baby only get harder. But the one thing that I always found awkward to carry was the carrier. Oh, and how do I remember those head butts. I can remember when they would do it and it would hurt them and you.

  4. Melanie said

    I DID get a split lip one time, and my son just ogled up at me “What happened to Mommy?” Babies are suprising tough… thank goodness.

    Your Emily is such a sweetie pie – love the pictures. 🙂

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