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Toothy Issue

Posted by DINRIL on November 10, 2006

So where are my teeth then…..?Emily had another little sniffle this week – not as bad as her last one, but enough to give her a restless night on Tuesday (after nine consecutive nights of sleeping through, no less) – and although she is now well on the road to recovery, we’re naturally wondering what caused it.

The most obvious answer is that she caught it off me, since I had a cold this week and in fact spent Sunday night tossing and turning and generally feeling a bit stuffed up – but it has also occurred to us that perhaps her runny nose and general grumpiness may have been caused by teething.

There’s no sign of anything remotely resembling a tooth in her mouth at the moment, meaning that we’re still enjoying our daughter’s delightfully gummy grins while we have the chance – but that doesn’t stop us from blaming absolutely everything on teething.

If she is grumpier than usual – never mind if she’s missed a nap and is obviously tired – we put it down to teeth. If she sucks her hands or chews on her toys, we assume it’s teeth (even though she sucks her hands on a regular basis – including to settle herself at night – and chewing on her toys is one of her favourite activities). And lately her cheeks have been looking a little pink, which could very easily be attributed to the fact that it’s nearly winter here and we have the central heating on at home. But frankly, it’s much easier to blame it on teeth.

Chances are, when there really is a tooth on the way, we’ll know about it. Although she could just as easily be one of those babies who simply goes to bed one night and surprises us by waking up with an incisor that wasn’t there the previous evening. And it’s an exciting prospect to be sure, although I’m going to miss those gummy grins.

Meanwhile, I’ve already given some thought to what happens when those baby gnashers start falling out. My niece, who is several years older than Emily and experienced in this kind of thing, has informed me that the Tooth Fairy brings her a pound for every tooth that she loses. In my day it was around ten pence. And my mother has suggested that the amount could double by the time Emily starts to lose her teeth. I guess I’d better start saving then.


3 Responses to “Toothy Issue”

  1. katharina said

    I hope that Emily will be one of the little ones who gets through teething without a lot of pain. I know what you mean about those toothless grins! 🙂

  2. Melanie said

    The love of gummy grins will be replaced quickly by the love of toothy grins. Already it sounds as if you are ready for the appearance of teeth! Hopefully she comes through it easily.

  3. tater03 said

    My oldest when he would start to get a tooth he would constantly wake up fussy at night. Now my youngest he was one of those babies where the teeth seemed to just magically appear overnight. Hopefully, Emily will be one of the easy babies when she starts teething.

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