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The Baby In The Mirror

Posted by DINRIL on November 10, 2006

Who’s that girl……?Since Emily was a couple of months old, we’ve had a habit of standing in front of the mirror while holding her, so she can look at her reflection. Not surprisingly, she’s fascinated by the sight of herself, although her reactions vary – if she’s in a good mood, she’ll give herself a smile, if she’s tired she’ll simply glance at herself and then bury her head in my shoulder. Mostly, though, she stares with a look of open-mouthed wonder, as if to say, “Who’s that?”

And to be honest, she probably has no clue who it is, since babies generally don’t realise they’re looking at themselves until they’re a bit older. As such, we’ve taken to pretending that the baby in the mirror is actually another baby – albeit one who looks exactly like Emily.

What’s more, ‘Memily’ – as she’s known – seems to do the exact same things as her alter ego at the exact same times – when Emily has a bath, Memily appears in the mirror afterwards swathed in towels. When Emily stares into the mirror, Memily stares right back. And when Emily is being cuddled by Mummy or Daddy, they appear to be cuddling Memily at the same time.

Since Memily seems to appear in every mirror we encounter – whether it’s in our hall at home, in someone else’s house or in a clothes shop – we can only assume that Emily must be very confused indeed by her, since she seems to be following her wherever she goes. Perhaps she’s hoping that she and Memily can be friends.


4 Responses to “The Baby In The Mirror”

  1. Eldragon said

    Memily is such a cute nickname! I think every baby has a pet name from parents, shortly after their born.

  2. katharina said

    🙂 Well I’m sure you’re happy to be buying food and clothing for just one of those little girls and Memily has to find her own means of support. 🙂 Great picture with this post!

  3. tater03 said

    Don’t you sometimes wonder what babies think, if they do, when stuff like this happens? Does she wonder who in the world is that person? Something like that movie Baby Talk.

  4. Melanie said

    Ahh! Mirrors are one of the best things to watch your baby with. It is so cute how amazed they are that there is suddenly another baby right there.

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