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Square-Eyed Emily

Posted by DINRIL on November 8, 2006

I have a confession to make. Yesterday, for the first time, I put Emily in front of the television in order to keep her occupied. There was a good reason for it – I was sorting out clothes and tidying up in our bedroom, and since I was home alone with her, it didn’t seem fair to leave her on her playmat in the other room.

So I propped her up on our bed with some pillows, put on CBeebies and got on with what I had to do. The show was one of those ‘educational’ types – where you watch films of children going about their business in nursery school, and then you have to answer questions based on what you just saw. Given it’s aimed at the under-fives, it’s hardly Mastermind, and I’m pleased to report I got every single one of them right.

Emily didn’t look that interested however – she seemed more keen on watching me, staring at my piles of laundry or revelling in the recent discovery that she has feet (she’s not sure what they’re for, but they’re very nice indeed). She did give the screen a few cursory glances, and even cooed a couple of times, but there was no sign of her turning into a telly addict.

Or perhaps it’s just that she prefers Mummy and Daddy’s programmes? In the past I’ve caught sight of her giving the TV a sideways glance while sitting on my lap – I first noticed this during an episode of Holby City (which, with its graphic footage of operations and the like, is about as far removed from children’s TV as you’re likely to get).

More recently she’s been fixated by Girls Aloud and My Chemical Romance on Popworld, has stared at This Morning with Philip and Fern and even had a sneaky glance at The Jeremy Kyle Show when she thought I wasn’t looking. Does this mean I won’t be spending the next five or so years learning the words to the Postman Pat theme and trying to work out which Tweenie is which? Let’s hope that’s not the case, since it’s actually quite fun to have an excuse to watch children’s TV.


5 Responses to “Square-Eyed Emily”

  1. katharina said

    I wasn’t familiar with Holby City and just looked it up on the ‘net. I had to smile when I saw what kind of television Emily prefers. That is so precious! 🙂 I think she’s wise beyond her years… uh, okay, her months!

  2. tater03 said

    My son used to love the country music station. When I turned it on he was fixated to the screen. Not really sure why, but he liked it. As for the children’s shows believe me you will get your fill of them. The one show that was huge in our house was the Wiggles. I cannot tell you how many time I got caught singing the catchy little tunes when it wasn’t even on.

  3. Melanie said

    Maturity and intelligence! You have a girl with.. um.. refined? tastes! Don’t feel guilty about entertaining her with the TV sometimes, just not all the time!

  4. Eldragon said

    Emily will probably start looking at the TV when she’s a year old. My daughter liked to look at Telly Tubbies at one, and shortly thereafter – loved Barney.

  5. Starlily said

    Children’s TV has really come a long way! My babies loved tellytubbies too… and I was grateful for the occasional entertainment for them when mine were baby & toddler age…

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