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Now We Are Five….

Posted by DINRIL on November 7, 2006

I’m a big girl now, Mummy….Emily is five months old today. And apart from wondering how on earth that happened (because it seems only about two minutes since I was bringing a tiny newborn baby home from the hospital), I’ve gotten to thinking just how much she has changed in that time. For example….

1. When we first put Emily in her car seat, the trolley seat at the supermarket etc, she was a minute little bundle who looked absolutely huge in comparison to where she was sitting. Now her feet hang over the edge of the trolley seat, her head is in serious danger of poking out the top of the car seat, and she is starting to look decidedly uncomfortable in both.

2. As a newborn, Emily was forever in sleepsuits and bodysuits as they were the only things that fit her (and even then there was room to spare). Now she dresses in miniature versions of real clothes – some of which are so nice I almost wish the shops did them in grown-up sizes.

3. The newborn Emily was incapable of doing very much except sleep, eat and lie around in her carrycot. Five-month-old Emily reaches out for her toys and waves them around, smiles and giggles (and screeches like a banshee to express her delight in things) and has clear enough vision to be able to spot Mummy from across the room.

4. When she was tiny, Emily didn’t enjoy anything much – having her nappy changed was simply an excuse to yell, while bathtime wasn’t much fun either. Now she loves her bath and remains totally unphased by nappy changes – in fact she finds dirty nappies especially funny and has been known to laugh at me while I’m cleaning her up. More often than not though she’ll be engaged in trying to grab the packet of nappies, nappy sacks, sterile Milton wipes or something else she’s not supposed to have.

5. Newborn Emily slept and stayed awake whenever the mood took her – whether it was one o’clock in the afternoon or four o’clock in the morning. Five months on, she sleeps at night. And for this one, I am most definitely grateful.


3 Responses to “Now We Are Five….”

  1. katharina said

    Time goes faster as time goes on… absolutely. You are going to have *so* much fun with Emily over the next years as she grows and changes in more wonderful ways!

  2. Eldragon said

    5 months is an incredible time for parents and baby. Their personalities seriously emerge, not that some babies are born with wonderful expressions, but let’s face it – some babies are sleeping bundles for months – and then they wake up to the world around them a few months later. This is the best time for new parents!

  3. tater03 said

    Enjoy every minute of this time. They grow so fast. I can remember when I had my second I was very aware of how fast babies change and grow because it seemed I blinked my eyes and my oldest was now a toddler. So when I had my second it was nice in the sense that I didn’t want to rush every milestone like I did with my first.

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