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Posted by DINRIL on November 6, 2006

So who does she look like?When Emily was born, relatives were quick to remark how much she looked like my husband – and with an apparently olive complexion, big dark eyes and dark hair, I agreed that she did indeed look like a mini version of her daddy. So much so that I was telling visitors that while there was no doubt as to who her father was, I wasn’t quite so sure who her mother was.

Five months on, however, and things are very different. Over the past few weeks I’ve had several people remark on how much they think she looks like me – and in fact, I’ve heard this so many times recently that I’m starting to think they may have a point. In many ways, Emily reminds me of how I looked as a baby – and while she most definitely has her father’s eyes and skin, there is a definite resemblance there.

My husband of course remains insistent that Emily looks far more like his side of the family, and appears to have inherited none of my features whatsoever (with the exception of my nose, perhaps). Whenever somebody suggests otherwise, he adopts the same kind of ‘I’m not listening’ expression that I do when anybody makes reference to my little girl bringing boyfriends home (yes I know she will eventually but I’m trying not to think about that right now).

So I think we may have to agree to differ on this one, accept she has clearly inherited features from both of us and leave it at that. Now, when someone asks us – as they have done around a million times – who she looks like, we just say, “She looks like Emily.” That, at least, we’re sure of.


4 Responses to “Lookey-Likeys”

  1. katharina said

    GOOD response! Yes, she looks like Emily and the other things don’t matter. I’m not sure why people are always so concerned about which parent a baby looks like anyhow. 🙂

  2. Eldragon said

    When I had my youngest, she looked so different than what I expected, I wondered briefly if the hospital hadn’t switched my baby with someone elses! My daughter had a dusting of blonde hair at birth – and there is nobody in family gene pool with blonde hair! Well, her dad was a blonde baby.

    I still think Nina looked unfamiliar for the first year or so, but today – at 9 – she’s the spitting image of me!

  3. tater03 said

    Both of my sons were born with red hair. No one in our family has red hair. Now that they are a little older it has changed to more of a strawberry red.
    When the oldest was born it was a running joke that the neighbor was the father because he had red hair. The funny thing was the neighbor had three kids and none of them had red hair.
    I think it’s great that you look at her and just see Emily. That is the way to go if you ask me.

  4. Melanie said

    Yes, Emily looks like Emily – though I think her face shape is more like yours 🙂 (Well, your cheeks aren’t that babyish round of course!)
    I’ve had people ask me incredulously if my first son was actually mine, or if I was babysitting. I have red hair, my husband had dark brown/grey, and my eldest had bright golden curls when he was little.

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