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Hair Apparent

Posted by DINRIL on November 5, 2006

Where did all this hair come from….?When she was born, Emily had a light dusting of hair on her head – not exactly a full head’s worth but she wasn’t bald either. Over the past few months, we’ve spent many happy moments speculating what colour her hair might be, when it eventually makes its appearance.

While my husband and myself are both dark-haired – hence it would be logical that our daughter would follow suit – I detected a slight hint of auburn in her tresses early on, which came as no surprise to me since I had auburn hair as a little girl.

Over the past week though her hair seems to have started growing at a rapid rate – in fact I swear she went to bed on Tuesday night and woke up on Wednesday morning with a full head of dark brown locks (had she possibly been at the Rogaine overnight?). It’s taking some getting used to, since I’m not used to seeing her with so much hair – but she looks very cute indeed.

My husband maintains that she looks lovely with short hair and he wants to keep it that way, but I’ve been forced to point out that no daughter of mine will have short cropped hair (at least, not until she’s old enough to decide for herself what length she wants it).

The fact is, I’m positively champing at the bit to start dressing it up with ribbons, hairslides and all sorts of other pretty accessories (this being one of the marvellous aspects of having a baby girl, you understand), and it’s a bit difficult to do that unless you’ve actually got enough hair to accessorize.

As yet though, it’s not even long enough for a small ponytail so I’m just going to have to wait a while longer. Her new hirsuite look does mean that we may finally get to use the shampoo we bought before she was born, which has been sitting redundantly in the bathroom cabinet up to now. But I’m going to have to carry on wondering what my little girl might look like when her hair is fully grown.


4 Responses to “Hair Apparent”

  1. katharina said

    You’re right, that’s a really fun part of having a daughter! Ribbons and bows, curls and girls… and my own daughter always wanted to keep her hair long as she got older so maybe Emily will, too. There are *so* many adorable hair accessories! Love your entry title, too… Hair Apparent. 🙂

  2. Eldragon said

    This reminds me of my youngest daughter. Not because it’s the same, mind you, but because it’s different. My baby girl was a cue ball for almost a year! I kept hoping her hair would start growing, but it sure didn’t happen over night!

  3. tater03 said

    She is just so cute. Having two boys I never got to do all the hair ribbons and bows. But if I had a daughter you can bet that I would let her hair grow long while she is young just so I could put on the ribbons and bows in I wanted. They will only let you do this for so long.

  4. Melanie said

    Having fun looking back at little Emily’s life so far!

    I never had a girl and I think there is a little empty place in my heart for all the ribbons and bows that I missed out on.

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