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Supermarket Sweep

Posted by DINRIL on November 4, 2006

Trolley dolly?Do I have the only baby in the world who loves going to the supermarket? Over the past few months Emily has been taken to pretty much every major supermarket chain there is (since we have no loyalty when it comes to this kind of thing) – and while at first she didn’t really take much notice of her surroundings, lately she’s been fascinated by fruit and veg, fixated by fish counters and gazed intently at racks of clothing.

In fact, while other people’s babies seem to fidget and scream all the way through their shopping trips, Emily tends to stay very quiet, preferring instead to suss out the baby purees and smile at whoever is pushing the trolley than start making a fuss.

Her favourite store appears to be Waitrose – which can only indicate a girl with good taste – although Sainsbury’s has also proven popular, to the extent that she broke into a big fit of giggles at the checkout the other day.

Perhaps her preference of store though has something to do with the comfort and convenience of their facilities for little people. Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, after all, provide nice comfy trolley seats for babies who haven’t yet learned to sit unaided (these are also a feature at Tesco and Asda) – simply strap in baby and baby has a perfect view of everything that’s going on around them.

Thumbs down to our local Somerfield and Aldi, however, who appear to provide no such thing, to the extent that she has to sit in the trolley in her car seat. Which was fine when she was two weeks old and too small for the trolley seat, but isn’t exactly comfortable now. It came as no surprise to me, then, when she started screaming on our last trip to Aldi, as I wouldn’t exactly have enjoyed being pushed round in a trolley either.

Once she is a bit bigger and can sit up on her own, she’ll graduate to the other type of seat, which will be even better – I loved sitting in that as a kid and almost wish they did a larger version that grown-ups can sit in while their companions push them round the store. It seems that babies have all the fun sometimes.


4 Responses to “Supermarket Sweep”

  1. Eldragon said

    She’s a smart one, alright! I guess she enjoys the bright lights and all the colors. Just wait until she starts walking, though. She might run off and want to touch everything!

  2. Melanie said

    You are so lucky that she doesn’t yell and cry every time she’s in the trolley, at least at some stores. Shows a discerning taste and enjoyment of comfort. Nothing wrong with that!

  3. katharina said

    That’s great that Emily is able to know where the most comfortable accomodations are. 🙂

  4. LyricB said

    My daughter always loved to go to supermarkets, but my son was overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds, and smells as a young baby.

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