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We Love Banana!

Posted by DINRIL on November 2, 2006

Enough already, where’s the takeaway pizza I ordered?After a few days of getting Emily used to the idea of baby rice, we took the bold step yesterday of mixing in a little mashed banana. The good news is that she absolutely loved it, once again grabbing the spoon to try and feed herself, and opening her mouth wide in the manner of a baby bird (the same way she does when she sees her bottle honing into view). What’s more, it appeared to give her a quite astonishing burst of energy, to the point that she was literally bouncing off the walls until bedtime.

I am already planning further culinary delights for her, including sweet potato, avocado, papaya, butternut squash, pear and apple. But not all at the same time, obviously.


4 Responses to “We Love Banana!”

  1. katharina said

    This is such an exciting time! (For you AND for Emily!) It’s always fun to see what they’ll love and what they’ll make a face at. 🙂

  2. Melanie said

    How sweet! I can just imagine her face. I remeber my son’s face when he first tasted squished carrots. Such a look of surprise “There are things like THIS in the world? Why didn’t you tell me earlier, woman?”

  3. Eldragon said

    Back when my kids were little, I think we had to start orange foods first. Sweet potatoes and carrots?

  4. tater03 said

    This is the fun time when you can introduce all the new foods. Get those vegetabales in while you can. My oldest loved the veggies at that age. Now he cannot stand them.

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