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Solid Start

Posted by Caroline on October 30, 2006

I can do it myself, Mummy….After weeks of promising to do so, we finally gave Emily her first taste of solid food yesterday. Unfortunately we couldn’t allow her a taste of the delicious stir-fry that my husband made for our dinner – rather she had to be content with a tiny amount of baby rice in the bottom of a weaning cup. Which didn’t exactly look appetising (or very filling for that matter), but we figure she isn’t quite ready for a four-course meal just yet.

Despite this, she took to it in much the same way as she takes to everything that she comes across in life – that this was just another thing she could put in her mouth, the only difference being that this time it was actually edible.

Consequently, after the first mouthful she quickly grabbed the spoon and tried to put it in her mouth herself, the result being that more rice actually went over her chin and her bib than in her mouth.

She managed another couple of spoonfuls before deciding she had had enough. Which isn’t bad at all for a first effort. Once she is used to the concept of solid food then I’ll start introducing fruit and vegetable purees and the like. And despite her change in diet, she still ended up staring at us while we ate our stir-fry, as if to say ‘Where’s mine?’

One Response to “Solid Start”

  1. katharina said

    A few spoonfuls for first attempt is great! Yes, I remember rice cereal and although babies seem to like it, I can still remember the smell and it wasn’t real pleasant to an adult.

    It’s always fun to start the fruits and veggies and see what our babies will end up liking and not liking. My daughter gagged on bananas the very first time and never did like them after that. It’s fun to see their baby personalities emerging.

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